Student Life

Tiny Tritons 2013-2014 Schedule


It's Time for Magic! Presented by Circus Kaput

Saturday, September 21, 10am, Pilot House

The Oh My Gosh Josh show will have the audience trying with all their heart to tell Josh his hat is on upside down, his wand is broken, and that the animal he’s holding is not a rabbit!  You’ll experience amazing feats of juggling, goofball magic, and maybe you’ll even be in the show.  Oh My Gosh Josh picks audience volunteers to come up and help him, especially those who are sitting nicely with a big smile on their face. Calling all aspiring magicians! After the show, the Circus Kaput magic workshop will give participants the opportunity to peer behind the mysterious curtain and learn a few tricks.  Everyone will receive several tricks to amaze their friends and family.


Tiny Tritons Theater 

Saturday, October 26, 2:30pm, SGA Chamber

Come on over after Trunk or Treat and get ready to watch Monsters University. Movie snacks will be provided.


Artistic Animals Presented by the St. Louis Zoo

Saturday, November  9, 10am, Pilot House

Elephants who paint? Frogs that sing? Animals can be very artistic in their own way. Learn about the ways that animals display their artistic talents. Meet live animals and make some animal-themed crafts to take home.


It's a Gas! Presented by Nitro Joe

Saturday, December 7, 10am, Century Room C

Children and adults alike will be amazed by the impressive science experiments in this show. Potions will change color, bubbles will flow and creeping fog will cover the floor. Children will be more excited about science than ever.

 Let's Make Music! Presented by Babaloo

Saturday, January 25, 10am, Century Room C

Babaloo is a one-man musical comedy act for kids of all ages. Named "Best Childrens' Entertainer" by St. Louis Magazine, and "Best Music for Children" by Childrens' Music Web Awards, Babaloo puts on a high-energy, fast-paced, interactive show full of wacky songs and fun-filled activities. Everybody participates and everybody has a great time! 


Surprise! It’s Plastic Presented by St. Louis Science Center

Saturday, February 15, 10am, Century Room C

It’s in your clothes. It’s in your toys. It’s in your furniture. It might even be in your hair! Surprise! It’s plastic. Plastics are everywhere. Learn about the molecules that make plastics so versatile and discover some surprising ways we use plastic every day. After the demonstration, you will get to make some of your own slime!


Wax Hands & Art Project Presented by My Handyworks

Saturday, March 8, 10am, Century Room C

Don't miss your chance to make a wax mold of your hands (must be at least 4 years of age)! We will also be doing handprint art, so this is definitely a fun HANDS on activity!


Dessert Day! Presented by Sodexo

Saturday, April 26, 10am, MSC Patio (Pilot House as Rain Location)

What is the best part about desserts besides getting to eat them? Decorating them! There will be all sorts of fun desserts to decorate and take home. You will also get to make your own ice cream - and then eat it right out of the bag!