Leadership to Go sessions are designed to fit in with and complement the bust schedule and lifestyle of students.  Each session is no longer than 60 minutes, giving students valuable, yet concise information which they can use immediately.  Topics encompass a wide range of skills and information needed to be a successful leader.

The Ying and Yang of Leadership
Thursday, March 17
This workshop will teach the audience the good and bad of leadership, as well as its effects on history and the world.  It will also focus on good leadership qualities, productiveness, and what the differences are between a Good Leader and a Bad Leader. 

The Art of Conversation
Wednesday, April 13
This workshop looks at the art of conversation through Productive Relationships, Idea Generation, Listening, Verbal Communication, and Confidence, and how as a leader we should possess these qualities. 

Keep Calm and Stay Emotionally Intelligent
Wednesday, April 20
Every leader needs to be aware of their "blind spots".  This workshop will help the audience understand how emotional intelligence can improve "soft skills" such as decision making, teamwork, and performance while under deadlines and pressure. 

Nick Adams
Academic Classification: Freshmen
Major: Political Science
Fun Fact: I have been a camp counselor for 5 years

Wallat Baban
Academic Classification: Freshmen
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: I am Kurdish and I want to be a great doctor one day

Tam Nguyen
Academic Classification: Senior
Major: Computer Science
Fun Fact: I'm very sensitive to caffeine.  One regular cup of coffee can make me stay awake pass midnight.