Leadership to Go is a leadership development program designed for any student looking to grow as a leader.

The sessions are designed to fit in with and complement the busy schedule and lifestyle of our UMSL students. Each session is no longer than 30 minutes, giving students valuable yet concise information which they can use immediately. Resources will be ready to go and easy to use. Topics encompass the wide range of skills and information needed to be a successful leader.

Leadership to Go takes place throughout the entire academic year.

April 6th  -  TALK THE TALK: USING LANGUAGE TO POWER (How to win and Influence People)
MSC Century Room B
Using the right language can invoke inspiration in others and propel your organization towards powerful results, this 30-minute session will explore some of the most common communication shortfalls, and how to replace them with powerful communication tools that eliminate frustration and help you achieve your goals. Paired with Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, this session will give student the opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills while learning effective communication techniques.


April 16th - How to Be like Mike (How to be Like Mike)
Location and Time: TBA
Whether it’s at work or play, Michael Jordan always brings his A-GAME to the table. What makes him such a star – oand and off the court – are his habits and sense of responsibility to himself and those around him. During this session, students will learn the eleven characteristics that helped Michael become one of the most revered people in the 21st century.

MSC Century Room A
Using Jeremy Dean’s MAKING HABITS, BREAKING HABITS, this session will discuss the purpose that habits serve in our live. Students will be given the opportunity to assess some of the good and bad habits they currently have, and learn some strategies to making and breaking habits in their everyday lives. 


April 30th – Impress Less, Inspire More (Start with Why)
Location & Time: TBA
Great leaders inspire everyone to take action. Combined with Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, this session will show that leaders who inspire all think, act, and communicate in the exact same way. Using a wide range of real life stories – students will be able to build a framework upon which organizations can be built, movements can be led, and people can be inspired.