February 7, 2000
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Below you will find links to articles from The Current about Darwin Butler over the last year.

April 12, 1999 -
Two candidates will compete for SGA presidency

April 19, 1999 -
Candidates for offices spar in open debate
Police escort candidate from opposition campaign event
EDITORIAL: Reformation slate gets Current endorsement

April 26, 1999 -
Butler wins narrow election

May 3, 1999 -
Butler alleges due process violations, bias in Student Court proceedings

August 23, 1999 -
Butler investigation creates constitutional issue between newspaper, police departments
Summer brings surprises for new SGA officers

August 30, 1999 -
Butler takes aim at administration, plan to increase student fees

September 7, 1999 -
File shows Butler plead guilty to felony charges in April

October 11, 1999 -
Students to hold forum on president
Constitutional conflict makes status of vice president uncertain

October 18, 1999 -
Executive Forum discussions dissolve into chaotic confusion
Butler's absence from press conference
Former vice president disagrees with Butler's interpretation of constitution, bylaws
EDITORIAL: Butler's lack of responsibility is only reason for SGA's woes

October 25, 1999 -
Judge jails Butler temporarily
Students pass no-confidence measure, prepare to impeach SGA president
EDITORIAL: Felons, no-confidence, no requirements, oh my!

November 1, 1999 -
SGA names Wolfe acting president
EDITORIAL: Crumbling SGA needs structure and leadership

November 8, 1999 -
Detainer on Butler's release makes judge put case on hold
EDITORIAL: Crumbling SGA needs structure and leadership

November 15, 1999 -
SGA uncertain about future of presidency

November 29, 1999 -
Lack of quorum prevents SGA from hearing resolutions

December 6, 1999 -
December SGA meeting cancelled
EDITORIAL: Semester ends with very little done in SGA

January 10, 1999 -
SGA makes Student Court, elections goals

January 18, 1999 -
Butler asks to take class by correspondence, files for extradition to Nevada

January 24, 1999 -
SGA fills vacant positions

January 31, 1999 -
Court rules on SGA grievances
Butler files complaints against Human Resources office, alleges discrimination