PARKING RESOLUTION LEAVES QUESTIONS: A dispute concerning the interpretation of a parking resolution, and whether faculty may use student parking lots, has remained unresolved after the last meeting of the senate.

BUDGET AND PLANNING ISSUES SPUR DISSENT: Sparks flew between faculty and administrators at a meeting of the Budget and Planning Committee late last month over issues related to yearly budgetary reallocations and the chancellor's reserve.

NEW SATISFACTION INDEX SHOWS STUDENT PRIORITIES: Bureaucratic runaround, lack of parking space, and inefficient communication are just a few of the problems Gary Grace, vice-chancellor for Student Affairs, is aiming to eliminate..

STUDENT COURT UPHOLDS ELECTION; FINDS VIOLATION BUT TAKES NO ACTION: The Student Court found one violation of the election rules in Darwin Butler's Student Government Association presidential campaign, but found it not severe enough to warrant another election or the disqualification of Butler as a candidate.

CONSTITUTION PASSES IN LANDSLIDE VOTING: Students voted to pass the constitution for the Student Government Association in a landslide, a 96 to 4 percent vote, that was held on UM-St. Louis campus, Thursday, Apr. 29.