February 7, 2000
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Advertising on The Current

Mailing Address * Coverage,Closing Times * Classified Rates * Mechanical Requirements * Online Advertising


Joe Harris, Editor-in-Chief - (314) 516-5174

Pam White, Business Manager - (314) 516-5175

Tom Wombacher, Advertising Director - (314) 516-5316

Mailing Address

The Current
UM-St. Louis
8001 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO 63121

Coverage & Closing Times

The Current delivers 6,000 copies on Monday afternoons to most buildings on campus. UM-St. Louis is the largest metropolitan campus in the area, serving an average student age of 24. The Current reaches a market of approximately 19,000 students, faculty, and staff at the University

The deadline for all display advertising is 3 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to publication. All copy, photos, artwork and payment, if required, must be in The Current offices by this time or the space reservation will be cancelled and the advertiser will be billed. Classifieds are due at 3 PM the Thursday prior to publication.

Classified Rates

Classified advertising is $10 for 40 words or less in straight text format. Bold and cap leters are free. All classifieds must be prepaid by check or money order. There is a $1 charge for tearsheets. Please provide your message, typed or neatly written, with name, address and telephone number to our offices, marked attention: business associate.
Classifieds of 40 words or less are free to students. Student numbers must be submitted along with the message.

Display Advertising Rates & Inserts

All rates are per column inch and net.

Open rate - $7.95
National rate - $8.75
University rate - $6.25


Prepayment on display ads - 5%
Multiple runs (3 or more ads) - 10%
New advertisers - 10%

Montly specials also available - call for details

Inserts - All inserts are $80 per 1000 copies. Send inserts to:
Press Journal Printing
3406 West Georgia St.
Louisiana, MO 63353

Mechanical Requirements

  • The Current is a six-column broadsheet. Column width is based on Standard Advertising Units (SAU), 2 1/16" or 12 picas, 3 points
  • Ads are sold in column width only
  • Submitted artwork should be black and white for best reproduction. We also accept materials on Macintosh formatted disks.

Column sizes:
1 col2 1/16"12p3
2 col4 1/4"25p6
3 col6 3/8"38p6
4 col8 7/16"51p9
5 col10 3/4"65p
6 col13 1/4"88p3

Advertising on the Online Version

Information coming soon