August 23, 1999
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Our generation lost without a cause

Ken Dunkin

There were times when people would bad mouth my generation. I couldn't understand it. Hey, we are just like every other generation. Things just seem to be nicer after years pass.

I realized that this generation, or at least most in this generation, is completely different from its predecessors.

In the past there have been battles to be won. The young people in the past took stands against racism, unwanted wars, and other things of the day. Today's young people have nothing to battle for. Most of the wars for rights have been fought; there is nothing else to win. For the most part, there is a battle to be rowdy.

I saw this first-hand at Woodstock '99. While the event was one of the defining moments of my life, it proved to me that most of the people my age are a waste of flesh. People have asked me why the riots started, or what provoked the crowd. Having seen the raucous start first-hand I have to respond boredom.

It began on Sunday when concert goers began to tear down the murals on the outer wall for keepsakes. This was a wall to keep out dead beats who didn't buy a ticket. The outer wall fell, but that wasn't the cause of the fire. The cause was when people began to start fires on the campground simply to see how large they could build them before the fire department got to the scene to put the fire out. Start a fire and wait for the fire department to get there was their routine. After that became boring for these select few, they decided to tear down the inner walls which separated the campgrounds from the walkway. In the process they discovered two television satellite trucks which had been hidden behind a trailer. Unprovoked and without cause they began to trash the van, putting metal rods through the windows. After the satellite was kicked off the top of the van and the windows were gone, they began to kick the sides of the van in. The police came on the scene and arrested a few of the attackers.

Off to the next attack. They were burning grass, bottles, trash, and anything else they could get their hands on.

The older concert goers seemed pretty shaken that anyone could be so reckless. "It isn't about this," one man kept saying.

The show that was all about peace and love in 1969 had spawned a child in 1999 that didn't care about the past, only the immediate moment. Before the concert, there was talk of having the event every five years. After the show the hooligans put on, hopefully they will change their mind. This generation doesn't deserve it.