Biology Graduate Student Association




The Constitution and By Laws of the Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA).


Article I.

A.   This organization shall be known as the "Biology Graduate Student Association."


Article II.

A.     The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and strengthen academic and scientific activities among graduate students within the Biology Department at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Any cultural, educational, social and recreational event that allows exchange of ideas, points of view, enrichment of scientific training will qualify. The association will also assist incoming graduate students to succeed in their academic and social lives.


Article III.

A.     All biology graduate students enrolled at UM St. Louis will be granted membership, unless they request otherwise. Membership is also open to any graduate student at UM St. Louis from other departments who has expressed an interest in the biological sciences and the willingness to join. Non-biology graduate students shall become members by attending one meeting and signing the membership list. Active participation in the events of the association is encouraged. Non-biology graduate students must participate regularly to maintain membership.

B.     There are no dues.


Article IV.

A.     Offices are: President, Treasurer, and Student Assembly Representative.

B.     The association may appoint additional offices.

C.      Election for the President shall occur at the end of the winter semester and the elected president will hold office for one year. Other officers will be elected at the same time and will hold office for one year. The president will call for nominations for the next term at least two weeks prior to elections. Nominations will close one-week prior the election day. Members that cannot attend the meeting where elections take place should submit their votes no later than the election day.  A vote of a simple majority of the active members will determine the officers for the next term.

Article V.

A.     The officers and active members should have regular monthly meetings. In the event of extraordinary circumstances a minimum of two meetings per semester should take place.

B.     The President and/or the Treasurer may call for additional meetings.

C.     An officer may be removed from office by the following process: Grievances will be aired in a meeting; in a subsequent meeting a vote by the members will decide on whether the removal proceeds or not. A vote of a simple majority of the active members will suffice. At least 3 days must pass between the two meetings. Members that cannot attend the meeting should submit their votes before the second meeting.

D.     Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary procedure.


Article VI.

A.     The Biology Graduate Student Association must have a faculty or staff member as an advisor to provide guidance and to enrich the academic experiences of the student members.

B.     Any faculty or staff member at UM-St. Louis may be an advisor.

C.     The term of the advisor will be one year.

D.     A simple majority vote of the members is necessary for the selection of the advisor; the process will follow the same format as in Article IV C.


Article VII.

A.     The constitution may be amended by a simple majority vote of the members. The process will follow the same format as in Article IV C.

B.      Action on issues not considered in the present constitution will be decided in a special meeting for that purpose and will follow the same format as in Article IV C.




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