The University Program Board plans around 40 events on campus per semester. A number of these events are ones that have been so popular that we have decided to make them a tradition! Check out some of our traditional programs below!

Traditional Programs

Drive-In Movie Night: 

Once every semester our UPB team works to create a drive-in movie night that students and members of the community can attend. We love a good semester kick-off just as much as the next and this is the event to do it. We have a large screen that sits at the end of a parking lot and a projector to show the movie and then a speaker so that you can listen as well. There are also stations that you can tune into just like the good old days! Just sit back in your car with friends and family, pop some popcorn beforehand, bring a blanket, and enjoy the movie! 

Online Events:

Times are changing and we are adapting with them! Our newest change is Zoom! Believe it or not, Zoom isn't just for classes. Our UPB team works hard to plan fun events online and socially distanced events in person that everyone can enjoy. These virtual events are a change of pace for everyone, but still very interactive! UPB has had a salsa dancing class, bingo night, tie-dye class, and much more online to be sure that students can still be involved on and off-campus. To attend these programs just go to MyEngage and register for the events to receive the Zoom link! 


Mirthweek is UPB's most famous attraction. The first Mirthweek that UMSL hosted was April 23, 1986 and has been a beloved UMSL tradition ever since! This program occurs during the Spring Semester and spans an entire week. The week is designed to promote campus cheer as well as reward UMSL's students for their hard work all year long. Several events take place during the week such as The Student Leadership Awards and The Mirthweek Carnival with food, fun, and games. There is also a day of volunteering and a fun concert at the end of the week to wrap it up.