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Energy and Nanomaterials

Energy is not only the driver for improving the quality of human life but it is critical to our survival. To power the planet for a better future, development of sustainable and clean energy resources is imperative. This interdisciplinary cluster is dedicated to fully utilizing nanoscience to perform transformational research in order to develop alternative energy sources that are sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly. The cluster focuses on design, synthesis and testing of novel materials for energy conversion, energy storage and energy utilization.

Nanomedicine and Nanobioscience

To create new ways to diagnose disease, monitor health and deliver therapeutic drugs, this cluster merges new concepts and technologies from nanoscience to chemical biology, biology, biotechnology and biophysics to develop novel molecules, materials and systems for drug delivery, disease diagnosis and therapy, and other biological or biotechnological applications. The cluster fosters vast potential of nanobioscience through the integration of multidisciplinary research developments with a focus on developing transformational approaches to improving human health.

Nanosensors and Chemical/Biological Sensing

This research cluster focuses on the fundamental study of novel nanostructures that enable significantly improved schemes to detect chemical and biological species. The cluster emphasizes translational research with applications to disease diagnosis and monitoring, food safety and security, environmental monitoring, and detection of toxic species. The research cluster consists of interdisciplinary PIs working synergistically to develop molecular and biomolecular sensors/detectors with high sensitivity and selectivity toward the targeted analytes. The cluster will also seek to develop nanosensors that can be introduced non-invasively into the targeted environments which are not accessible to traditional sensors.