Welcome to the Center for Nanoscience (CNS) at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Our cross-disciplinary center is a hub of scientific research on the UMSL campus. With grounding in the science departments, the goal is to translate breakthrough scientific discoveries into practical applications, leading to enhanced university, industry, and government lab collaborations, and regional economic impact. 

The UMSL Center for Nanoscience leverages advances in nanoscale and biological science to create innovative technologies addressing the grand challenges in energy, food, and health. The CNS exploits rapidly advancing nanotechnology and biotechnology to pursue answers to fundamental questions in the life and physical sciences. The convergence of scientific disciplines at the nanoscale provides a stimulating and vibrant interdisciplinary environment for breakthrough discoveries in the 21st century. 

Our chemists, physicists, biochemists, biologists, and materials scientists investigate fundamental nanoscale phenomena and develop novel technologies with a wide range of applications. Current projects range from ultra-sensitive optical detectors to nanostructured materials and from catalysts for alternative energy to antimicrobial drug enhancers. 

We are proud of our Center and invite you to learn more about our research programs by browsing our web site. We hope that the information we provide will be useful to you. We value your feedback on how we may serve you better.