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Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) provides for the terms of use of tangible research materials. While terms may vary from one agreement to the next, the most commonly negotiated elements include: rights and ownership of intellectual property, publication rights, liability and governance. MTAs cover a wide array of materials, including animals, new compounds and formulations, genetic constructs, reagents, cell lines, devices, software and data. MTAs allow researchers to share tangible materials as well as receive materials without necessarily having to purchase them.

MTA's are necessary any time an UMSL researcher wishes to send or receive materials of a confidential or proprietary nature; material that is infectious, hazardous or subject to special regulations; material for which the provider is concerned about potential liability; or material for which the provider wishes to obtain rights to the results of the research in which the material or information is to be used.

Contact Tamara Wilgers (314-516-6884) for assistance with an MTA, whether incoming or outgoing.