The primary objective of academic technology transfer is the development and commercialization of academic research findings, ensuring research ultimately reaches and benefits the public. Relationships with industry are an increasingly common and important part of research and education at UMSL.

TTO staff work with UMSL researchers to identify intellectual property (IP) and the optimal approach to protect and commercialize it. During evaluation, we consider IP protection, commercial potential, possible economic impact, whether a startup company should be formed and the inventor's future research plans in deciding how to proceed.

UM FastTrack Funding

FastTrack provides funding to achieve technical milestones critical for moving a technology down the commercialization pathway. This funding helps bridge the gap in development between the early stage technology and the point at which the technology is sufficiently validated for commercial application. The objective of the FastTrack program is to maximize the impact of research innovations by facilitating their path to market.

FastTrack funding allows researchers to carry out development, testing, or prototype construction of an existing technology and establish its technical merit and potential for commercialization. Funds are not to be used for basic research but to validate the technology through the achievement of technical milestones that will result in a stronger, more commercializable technology.

AMOUNT: Up to $50,000 

Applications Due to Tamara Wilgers: deadline to be announced

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