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September 2016 External Awards

→ TOTAL AWARDED (September 2016): $1,928,086

→ Awards by Sponsor Type     
Association $681,266
Corporation $65,480
Federal                      $629,981
MO Local Government $411,359
Other University $3,000
State of Missouri                      $137,000
→ Awards by Funding Purpose
Other Sponsored Activities         $1,618,901
Research $309,185
→ Awards by PI(s) and Individual Project    

Melinda Bier, Educational Psychology

Awarded $20,125 for “ eSource Project” by Character.Org.

Bettina Casad, Department of Psychological Science

Awarded $1,500 for “Social Media as Structural Racism:  Effects on Immune and Endocrine Activity” by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Judith Cochran, Educational Leadership & Policy

Awarded $36,000 for “Riverview Gardens School District - AVID Tutors 2016-17” by the Riverview Gardens School District.

Jerry Dunn, Child Advocacy Center

Awarded $599,981 for “Project FORECAST (Foundations for Outreach through Experiential Child Advocacy Studies Training)” by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Erika Gibb, Physics and Astronomy

Awarded $30,000 for “Decoding the History of the Early Solar System Using Comet Volatile Compositions and Protoplanetary Disk Models” by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Kelly Gregory, Missouri Institute of Mental Health

Awarded $50,000 for “DMH Spring Training Institute 2017” by the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

Cezary Janikow and Wenjie He, Mathematics & Computer Science

Awarded $10,000 for “ESI SOW 7302: Outbound Notification Administration” by Express Scripts, Inc.

Roberta Lavin and Keeta Holmes, College of Nursing & Academic Affairs

Awarded $145,000 for “Academic/Practice Partnership to Impact Population Health in Chronic Disease and Emergency Response” by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

William Lemon, Office of Research Administration

Awarded $50,000 for “UMSL FlipZone” by the Missouri Technology Corporation.

Kit Leung, Missouri Institute of Mental Health

Awarded $428,179 for “CMHC-Health Care Home Initiative (PMPM)” by the Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers.

Karen Lucas, Academic Affairs

Awarded $2,500 for “St. Louis Humanities Festival:  Money, Money! Greed, Need, and Generosity” by the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis.

Courtney McDermott, Social Work

Awarded $8,289 for “Policy Practice in Field Education Implementation Grant” by the Council on Social Work Education.
Jerome Morris, Educator Preparation, Innovation, and Research Awarded $246,996 for “The St. Louis Desegregation Plan” by the St. Louis Public Schools.
Robert Paul, Missouri Institute of Mental Health Awarded $78,173 for “Study of NeuroHIV Cure Consortium (Protocols: RV254, RV397, RV398)” by the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine.
Robert Paul, Missouri Institute of Mental Health Awarded $3,000 for “Exercise Training to Improve Brain Health in Older HIV+ Individuals” by the Washington University School of Medicine.
Zoe Peterson, Department of Psychological Science & Center for Trauma Recovery Awarded $60,907 for “Jail Diversion” by St Louis City.
Edward Riedel, Missouri Institute of Mental Health, Awarded $64,956 for “Lincoln County Preferred Family Health Portal Plus II with PFH” by the 45th Judicial Circuit of Missouri.
Doug Smith, Center for Business & Industrial Studies Awarded $55,480 for “Maximizing Air-side Performance at Nanjing Airport” by Jiangsu Master Tech CO LTD.
Rachel Taube, Missouri Institute of Mental Health Awarded $37,000 for “TA17703 Mental Health First Aid Training” by the Missouri Department of Mental Health.