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January 2017 External Awards

→ TOTAL AWARDED (January 2017): $1,082,260

→ Awards by Sponsor Type     
Association $18,750
Federal                      $830,421
MO Local Government $62,666
Other University $113,423
State of Missouri                      $57,000  
→ Awards by Funding Purpose
Other Sponsored Activities         $119,666
Research $962,594
→ Awards by PI(s) and Individual Project    

Sharlee Climer, Mathematics & Computer Science

Awarded $113,423 for “Using Quantitative Traits to Identify Novel Genes for Alzheimer's Disease and other Complex Traits” by Washington University.

Rachel Elizabeth Kryah and Rachel Wamser, Missouri Institute of Mental Health and Department of Psychological Science

Awarded $62,666 for “System Offering Actions for Resilience (SOAR) in Early Childhood Y2” by Boone County.

Lynn Navin, University Child Development

Awarded $57,000 for “Child Care Subsidy” by the Missouri Department of Social Services.

Robert Paul, Missouri Institute of Mental Health

Awarded $663,664 for “Viral and Host Determinants of Cognitive Status in Vertically Transmitted HIV 3+” by the National Institutes of Health.

Gualtiero Piccinini, Philosophy

Awarded $166,757 for “Scholars Award: Explaining Cognition Mechanistically” by the National Science Foundation.

Felix Vincenz, Missouri Institute of Mental Health

Awarded $18,750 for “Improving Value of Publicly Funded Mental Health Care” by the Rand Corporation.