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December 2017 External Awards

→ Awards by PI(s) and Individual Project, Decenber 2017
Total awards reported below: $1,707,702

***Judith A Cochran, Educational Leadership & Policy

Awarded $24,000 for “Riverview Gardens AVID Tutors 2017-2018” by the Riverview Gardens School District.

Jerry Dunn, Child Advocacy Center

Awarded $605,344 for “VOCA” by the MO Department of Social Services.

Matias Enz, Research

Awarded $20,000 for “Global Supply Chain Forum:  Corporate Strategy and Supplier Relationship Management Capabilities” by the Ohio State University.


Beth Huebner, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Awarded $66,804 for “Multi-site Study of Monetary Sanctions” by the University of Washington.

*Beth Huebner, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Awarded $59,212 for “Police Prosecutor Partnership Initiative” by the City of St. Louis, Metropolitan Police Department.

***Qingtang Jiang, Mathematics & Computer Science

Awarded $21,000 for “Wavelet Frames, Nonlinear Diffusion and Image and Surface Restoration” by the Simons Foundation.

Shelley Kerley, KWMU FM Radio

Awarded $719,758 for “Radio Community Service Grant Agreement – 2017 & 2018” by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

**Kathryn Smaistrla, Environmental Health & Safety

Awarded $20,000 for “2017 Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant Program” by the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District.

***Michael Smith, Music

Awarded $5,000 for “Artists for a Cause School Clubs Teacher Stipends” by the Welss Fargo Foundation+.

Terrance Taylor, Kyle Thomas and Matthew Vogel, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Awarded $86,042 for “Project R.E.S.T.O.R.E.” by the St. Louis County.

***Terry Suhre, Department of Art & Design

Awarded $9,516 for “Gallery 210 2017-2018 Exhibition Season” by the MO Arts Council.

Mary Troy, English

Awarded $6,598 for “Natural Bridge Debut Writers Reading Series and Literary Journal” by the MO Arts Council.

Jodi Woodruff, MO Institute of Mental Health

Awarded $54,428 for “Improving Minority Health Through Monitoring of Disparities in Medicaid Care” by the Rand Coropration.

**Yuefeng Wu, Mathematics & Computer Science

Awarded $10,000 for “Bayesian Dynamic and Hidden Markov Models with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Computing for Improving Safety Envelope Design” by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Award issue date of *August 2017, **October 2017, and ***November 2017; notice was received late by ORA so award is reported here in this December listing. This amount is included in the appropriate month corresponding to the award issue date in the comparison charts for FY18, which are linked below.
→ Download the July–December 2017 Monthly External Awards Comparison Chart (by department/unit, purpose and source)