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October 2012

UM Research Board Applications
by Category and Disposition

October 2012 Research Board by Category and Disposition

UM Research Board Awards to UMSL Researchers
October 2012

The following applications submitted by UMSL researchers were funded by the UM Research Board:

Stephanie Ross, Philosophy, was awarded $10,000 for “Two Thumbs Up: How Critics Aid Appreciation.”

Gualtiero Piccinini, Philosophy, was awarded $10,000 for “Explaining Cognition.”

James O'Brien, Chemistry, was awarded $14,736 for "Electroscopy by Furier Transform Methods."

Ravindra Girivaru, Mathematics & Computer Science, was awarded $10,000 for "Connectivity Theorems for Algebraic Cycles.

Rita Csapo-Sweet, Theatre, Dance & Media Studies, was awarded $7,500 for "Twenty Years Later: Cinema from the Former Yugoslavia."

Suzanne Welcome, Psychology, was awarded $29,847 for "Reading Processes in Adults with Compensated Dyslexia."

TOTAL: $82,083