External Award Opportunities

Faculty and staff are encouraged to seek external financial support for specific projects that further the mission of the University. The ORA subscribes to the Pivot funding opportunities and scholarly expertise database. All UMSL employees have access to this database. For more information, visit our Getting Started in Pivot page, download the Pivot Quick Start Guide (PDF) or contact the ORA. Acess the PIVOT database.

Internal Awards Programs

The University of Missouri System and UMSL offer competitive grant programs throughout the academic year. These programs support a variety of faculty and staff projects, research, travel support and equipment purchases. If you have questions about any UM/UMSL internal award please or contact Brenda Stutte (314-516-5897).

  • UM Research Board Award

UMSL faculty have the opportunity to submit proposals to the UM Research Board, which is designed to enhance the long-term quality and quantity of scholarship throughout the University System by supporting meritorious research projects. An important goal is to leverage external funds by UM faculty by supporting promising new faculty and funding high quality new initiatives of senior faculty.

INDIVIDUAL OR COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS: $3,000 to $75,000 for individual or collaborative projects. Proposals may request salaries for personnel who are integrally involved in performing the research or creative activity.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY APPLICATIONS: Although the UM research board has limited resources and has as its focus opportunities made available through Individual and Collaborative projects, the Board will consider Special Opportunity Proposals that have: a) outstanding promise for enhancing the quality, stature, and recognition of scholarship at the University of Missouri, and b) budgets higher than those typical of Individual and Collaborative Projects. Special Opportunity proposals must clearly demonstrate how research board support will be uniquely enabling, thereby allowing an opportunity that cannot otherwise be funded. The potential for leveraging additional investments (monetary or scholarly) and the commitment of matching support will be critical factors in evaluation of Special Opportunity proposals.

Next Deadline: Fall 2014 (to be announced)
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  • UM FastTrack Funding Program

Fast Track

The FastTrack funding program provides proof of concept or gap funding for faculty members focused on technology development, testing, or prototype construction, and/or to conduct specific market research. This evaluation may lead to industry collaboration, licensing, the formation of a new company, or the abandonment of the technology for commercial application. Funds are not to be used for basic research but to evaluate the commercial potential of existing research.
WHO: All UM faculty are eligible to apply.
MORE INFO: For more information, click HERE or contact Tamara Wilgers.
SUBMIT A PROPOSAL: For information on the FastTrack program submission process, click HERE.

This $500,000 program provides up to $50,000 for projects aimed at moving University of Missouri IP closer to the marketplace.

Deadline: Proposals from UMSL faculty are due to Tamara Wilgers by May 5, 2014

  • UM Interdisciplinary Intercampus (IDIC) Research Program

IDIC Program
The Interdisciplinary Intercampus (IDIC) Research Program is intended to increase interdisciplinary, intercampus research collaborations to leverage the intellectual capital and resources at the four University of Missouri System campuses. Proposals must involve faculty from at least two UM campuses and from at least two different disciplines. Each campus may request up to $50,000 in a proposal; therefore, the maximum funding requested will be $200,000 if all four campuses are collaborating in a proposed study. Faculty may use their networks to identify collaborators on and this program is limited only to the four University of Missouri campuses.

All tenured/tenure-track Faculty and full-time Ranked, Non-tenure-track Research Faculty are invited to submit short proposals requesting funding to seed the development of:proposals to be submitted to federal agencies for establishing centers, such as the NSF Science and Technology Center; High impact research with a higher priority for research clusters to address the current 21st Century Grand Challenges; or other high impact research addressing significant national problems/priorities.

Deadline: Proposals due by Monday, June 2, 2014 (new deadline)

To submit a proposal, click HERE. Signoff Form (UMSL)

Click HERE for more information on IDIC or contact:
Ashley Wilson
Funding Programs Assistant
University of Missouri System
(573) 882-1714

  • UMSL Research Award

These awards strengthen faculty research and creative activities. A significant portion of the funds available for faculty research support is based on facilities and administration cost recovery from externally funded grants and contracts. In order to perpetuate the fund, one purpose of the Research Awards is to support faculty whose competitive position for external funding will be improved by such assistance. Awards also are given to help faculty in all disciplines maintain an active research program, even if external funding is difficult to obtain. Special consideration, particularly for summer research support, will be given to junior faculty to assist them in establishing a strong research record.

Next Deadline: March 17, 2014
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  • UMSL Junior Faculty Travel Grants

Junior Faculty Travel Grants are open to full-time, untenured tenure-track faculty. Awards up to $1,000 are given for expenses to attend professional conferences at which the applicant will be making a presentation.

Next Deadline: Fall 2014 Deadline To Be Announced