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FCOI-1 Instructions

UMSL Investigator Form (FCOI-1): Instructions

*The FCOI-1 form is available through IRBNet.

Steps for completing the document:

  1. Logon to using your IRBNet username and password
  2. Click on Create a New Project (navigation in left-hand column)
  3. IMPORTANT – title your project in the following format: "FCOI Lastname, Firstname"
  4. Fill in box with your First Name and Last Name
  5. Click Continue
  6. From the Select A Library dropdown, choose: University of Missouri-St. Louis Conflict of Interest Committee, St. Louis
    From the Select A Document dropdown, choose: Financial Disclosure for Sponsored Projects – PHS & NSF
    Click the Download button and save this document to your computer to complete
  7. Complete the document you just downloaded and saved to your computer.

Steps for submitting the document:

  1. Logon to if you aren't already logged on
  2. Click My Projects   
  3. Click the Project Title, which should have been labeled in the following forma: "FCOI Last Name, First Name"
  4. Click Designer (navigation in left-hand column)
  5. Click Add New Document
  6. Select document type: Conflict of Interest – Declaration
    Description: "FCOI  YYYY MM DD"  (today’s date)
    File: Browse and upload the file from your computer
  7. Sign the package (navigation in left-hand column)
    You have to Select a “role.” Examples are:
    > Associate Investigator
    > Co-Investigator
    > Principal Investigator
    > Research Coordinator
    > Sub Investigator
    > Team Member
  8. Sign this Package (navigation in left-hand column)
  9. The program requests your username and password
  10. Submit package (navigation in left-hand column)
  11. Select University of Missouri-St. Louis Conflict of Interest Committee
  12. Click Continue
  13. A window appears that states Tamara Wilgers and Brenda Stutte will be notified
  14. Select submission type: Declaration
    There is a box for comments or messages, if needed
  15. Click Submit