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SL: 2/2/1 ARTS AND SCIENCES, COLLEGE OF Administration of Justice, Department of, 1967-75


1. Application for Grant: Manpower Development Assistance Division, 1972-73
2. Chancellor's Committee: Curriculum, Law Enforcement
3. Articles and Pamphlets about Law Enforcement
4. News Releases, UMSL and US Department of Justice, 1967-68
5. Proposal to Missouri Law Enforcement Assistance Council by Curators, 1969-70
6. Statement of Philosophy, 1968-69
7. Status Report to College of Arts and Sciences, 1974-75
8. US Department of Justice Law Enforcement Education Program, 1971-72
9. Proposed B.S. in Administration of Justice, 1968-69
10. "Need for a Baccalaureate Program in the Law Enforcement Profession," 1968

University Archives
222 Thomas Jefferson Library
University of Missouri-St. Louis
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St. Louis, MO 63121