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How Can DARS Help You?

By summarizing courses you should choose from to complete your degree requirements, DARS ensures that you stay on track and not take unnecessary courses.
If you are thinking about changing majors, a DARS report can be produced that shows you exactly how coursework already completed applies toward another major.
  • DARS takes the "guesswork" out of selecting courses for future enrollment.
  • The report shows what requirements are completed and what courses still need
    to be taken.
  • DARS shows where transfer work will apply toward your degree requirements.
  • DARS uses the on-line student record for information, therefore the report
    is up-to-date.
  • DARS suggests courses from which to choose.
  • DARS calculates the GPA for various areas such as the major or degree hours.


How Do I Get A DARS Report?
You can view and print your own DARS report using the degree audit link on your "My Gateway" page. If you need help in generating or interpreting the report, click on the help links located at the right hand side of the top of the Audit menu page as well as the Audit Help listed under the Audits column. You may generate an audit using your course work for any degree program or minor or certificate using the available options listed in the drop down menu from Degree Program: . In addition, you can do "what-if" scenarios choosing courses and experimental grades that you are interested in taking to see the effect that a course will have on meeting degree requirements as well as the effect a grade received will have on your GPA.

For questions concerning degree requirements, make an appointment with an advisor in your Academic Unit.

Does DARS Replace Advising?
No. DARS is a tool to assist in the advising process. It is meant to help advisors and students in the process of course selection and academic program planning. It reduces the mechanical record-keeping tasks and gives advisors more time to interact with students, concentrating on academic and career counseling.

Advisors will help resolve any problem areas. Also, some academic majors require choosing a series of courses in consultation or with the approval of the advisor.

DARS does NOT replace advising - it just helps make it an easier and more meaningful interaction.

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