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SL: 18/1/1 VIDEO TAPES University Relations, 1981-1993

Box 1

Commencement, 1/5/86 (2 copies)
Commencement, 8/3/86 (2 copies) Barnett's first commencement
Creative Aging, 5/25/82
Creative Aging, 8/12/82
Promotional Spots for UMSL Evening College, n.d.
Urban Affairs: "Issue of Divestment"

Box 2

PSA's for 20th Anniversary, 1983
Partners (multiple tapes), n.d.
Lamplighter Awards (multiple tapes), n.d.

Box 3

Very Special Arts, 1989
Bridge Program, 1988 (2 copies)
La Boheme, Pavarotti, n.d.
Celebrate the Partnership, 3/12/90
Chancellor's Report to Community, 5/6/88
Chancellor's Report to Community, 10/5/89
Chancellor's Report to Community, 1992
College Review Video, Florida State University, n.d. (2 copies)
Commencement, 1/8/89, Jackie Joyner
Day of Concern, 8/27/81
Divestiture Hearings, with Dean Terry Jones and Joan Kelly Horn, n.d.
MHE Fly Around Results, n.d.
"Making a Difference," 3/11/91 (2 copies)
"A New First Choice," n.d. (2 copies)
PRC Council Meeting, 3/14/90 (2 copies)

Box 4

Partnership PRC, 1988
"A Partner In Growth," n.d. (2 copies)
"Prepared To Meet The Challenge," 10/30/90 (2 copies)
Racism On Campus, 4/22/88
Research In The Public Interest, n.d. (2 copies)
Research: Working For Missouri, n.d. (2 copies)
"Strong Roots For A Secure Tomorrow," n.d. (3 copies)
Scholararship Foundations of St. Louis, "Opening Doors," n.d.
St. Louis Skyline, "Corkeet," 1/27/?
Urban Affairs, Dr. Helan Page and the Child Development Center, n.d.
"The World of Tomorrow," Alumni Video, n.d. (2 copies)
Nam Sa Dang, Pong Son, Samut-Nori, n.d.
Video Coverage Sampler, 1988

Box 5

Miscellaneous unlabelled tapes and news footage
UM St. Louis 30th Anniversary: Partner for the Future

University Archives
222 Thomas Jefferson Library
University of Missouri-St. Louis
One University Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63121