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Economics Department

SL: 2/8/3


Economics Department, Don Phares Files, 1968-2014

Box 1

1.         Anheuser Busch Economic Impact on St. Louis and Missouri, 1999

2.         Ashgate Publishing-- Metro Governance Book, 1998-2010

3.         Bella Villa Incorporation Analysis, 1994-1996

4.         Bella Villa Proposed Annexation, 1995

5.         Belleville Area College Civic Center Feasibility Study, 1985

6.         Budget Decision Theories, 1967

7.         CAPCO (Certified Capital Companies): Birch Telecom Missouri CAPCO, 1998-2002

8.         CAPCO: Birch Telecom, Economic and Fiscal Impact in Missouri, 2002

9.         CAPCO: D.C., 2009

10.       CAPCO: D.C., Economic and Fiscal Impact of the CAPCO Program, 2009

11.       CAPCO: D.C., 2012

12.       CAPCO: D.C., Economic and Fiscal Impact of the CAPCO Program, 2014

13.       CAPCO: Missouri, Economic Impact, 1994

14.       CAPCO: Missouri, CAPCO’s Role in Economic Development, 2001-2004

15.       Centene: Economic and Fiscal Impact of Proposed Corporation Development Plans, 2007

15a.     CETA (Comprehensive Employment Training Act): “Formula Feedback and Central Cities” articles by E. Terrence Jones and Don Phares, n.d.

16.       Crime: The Economics of Crime, 1978

17.       Crime: Economics and the Justice System, 1981

18.       Crime: The Justice Reporter, Volume 1, Numbers 1-6, 1980-1981 Advisor: Don Phares

19.       Crime: The Justice Reporter, Volume 2, Numbers 1-5, 1982 Advisor: Don Phares

20.       Desegregation: State Case, 1982-1984

21.       Drugs: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: What T’ Do ‘Bout Smack, 1975

22.       Drugs: Heroin and Society: An Economist’s Perspective on Public Policy, 1975

23.       Drugs: Heroin, Society, Public Policy: The Infernal Triangle, 1979

24.       Drugs: The Simple Economics of Heroin and Organizing Public Policy, 1972-1973

25.       Education: Back to School with Senate Bill 380, 1993

26.       Education: Higher Education Held Captive, 1985

27.       Education: Independent Colleges and Universities of Missouri (ICUM), 1985

28.       Education: Missouri’s Fiscal Status and Support for Higher Education, 1989 Final, 2008 Draft

29.       Education: Missouri Higher Education’s Status, 1984-1985

30.       Education: Missouri School Foundation Formula: Fuzzy Math Meets Fiscal Crisis, 2005

31.       Education: Mehlville, 1989-1990

32.       Education: The Metropolitan Students, 1990

33.       Education: Planning for the Role of the Urban University in the Changing American Workplace, 1991

34.       Education: State Support for Public Higher Education: Missouri and Surrounding States Compared, 1978

35.       Education: Urban Transition and the Schools, 1978

Box 2

1.         Expenses: 1969-1972

2.         Expenses: 1982-1983

3.         Expenses: 1984

4.         Expenses: 1985

5.         Expenses: 1988-1989

6.         Expenses: 1990-1991

7.         Expenses: 1992

8.         Expenses: 1993

9.         Expenses: 1993-1994

10.       Expenses: 1995-1996

11.       Expenses: 1996-1997

12.       Expenses: 1998

13.       Expenses: 1999-2008

14.       Expenses: 2008-2009

15.       Expenses: 2014

Box 3

1.         Finance: Financing Local Governments, 1992

2.         Finance: Financing Local Governments, 1997

3.         Finance: Public Finance, 1986

4.         Fred Weber, Inc.: History, 1988-1991

5.         Functions: Assignment of Functions, an Economic Framework, n.d.

6.         Gaming: Collection of Proposals: Economic Impact of Several Proposed Casinos, 1993

7.         Gaming: Century Casinos Portage Des Sioux Riverboat Casino: The Economic Impact, 1994

8.         Gaming: Isle of Capri Kimmswick Economic Impact Report, 1995

9.         Gaming: Lady Luck Entertainment and Gaming Center Kimmswick, 1993-1995

10.       Gaming: Lady Luck Hotel and Entertainment Center and Casino at Scott City, Proposed Economic Impact, 1994

11.       Gaming: Lady Luck Resort and Casino at Cape Girardeau, Proposed Economic Impact, 1994

12.       Gaming: Louisiana, Missouri, 1995

13.       Gaming: Civic Progress, Missouri, 1996

14.       Gaming: Economic Impact of Gaming in Missouri (preliminary data), 1997

15.       Gaming: Executive Summary: Economic Impact of Gaming in Missouri, 1998

16.       Gaming: Economic Impact of Gaming in Missouri, 1998

17.       Gaming: Riviera Economic and Fiscal Impact and Market Feasibility Analysis, 2002

18.       Gaming: Riverboat Gaming in Missouri: An Overview and its Impact on Local Home Dock Communities, 1999

19.       Gaming: Market Assessment St. Louis Metropolitan Area, 2004

20.       Gaming: Gaming in the United States: Taxation, Revenues, and Economic Impact, 1999

21.       Gaming: Casino Gaming in Missouri: The Spending Displacement Effect and Net Economic Impact, 1997

22.       Government Spending: Government Spending Trends and Issues, Review by Phares, 1982

23.       Grand Center: 1993

24.       Highways: Highway 141 Expansion, 1994

25.       Highways: Highway 141 Extension, 2007

26.       Highways: The Economic Impact of the Proposed Page Ave. / Olive Blvd. Connector Road and the Highway 141 Realignment, 2007

27.       Highways: Review of Forecasts of Revenue for Highway Improvements in Missouri, 2001

28.       Homebuilders Association of Greater St. Louis: 1995

29.       Infrastructure: America’s $3 Trillion Problem: Infrastructure Has Fallen into Such Disrepair That Nation Is Crumbling from within, 1989

30.       Infrastructure: Crumbling Infrastructure- a Solution, 1990

Box 4

1.         Kiel Center: Economic Impact on St. Louis, 1993-1994

2.         Kiel Center: The Kiel Center and the St. Louis Blues Hockey Team Economic and Tax Impact, 1999

3.         Lemay Area: Economic Impact Associated with the Proposed Road Development, 2005

4.         Maryland Heights: RFP-- Economic Impact of Proposed Connector Road between Maryland Heights and Olive Blvd., 2006

5.         Maryland Heights: Incorporation, Notes and Research Materials: Part One, 1983-1984

6.         Maryland Heights: Incorporation, Notes and Research Materials: Part Two, 1983-1984

7.         Maryland Heights: Economic Impact of Sportport Complex, 2001

8.         Maryland Heights: Various Information for Research: Part One, 1989-1995

9.         Maryland Heights: Various Information for Research: Part Two, 1989-1995

10.       M.E. Sharpe: Publishing Correspondence and Information, 2006-2007

11.       Metropolitan Area Populations: Outline, PTI Urban Technology System Training Program: The Changing Structure and Distribution of Metropolitan Area Populations, 1974

12.       Metropolitan Fiscal Indicators: 1969

13.       Metropolitan Fiscal Indicators: A Report to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1969  

14.       Metropolitan Fiscal Indicators: 1971

15.       M.S.D.: The Economics and Financing of Storm water Control in the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, 1982

16.       Missouri: The Missouri Budget Project, 2005-2012

17.       Missouri: Missouri’s Economic and Governmental Status across States and Over Time: a Comparison Guide, 2011

18.       Missouri: State Government Expenditures and Revenues, 1990

19.       Missouri: State Spending and Revenues-- Report to Civic Progress, 1990

20.       Missouri: A Review of State Spending and Revenues, 1990

21.       Missouri: State Transportation Funding, 2001

22.       Municipal Bond Ratings: Preliminary Consultant Report, 1968

Box 5

1.         NAACP: MoKAN, 2012

2.         Neighborhood Succession Process: The Filtering Process in the Inner Suburbs, n.d.

3.         Neighborhood Succession Process: The Effect of Aging and Income Transition on Neighborhood House Values, 1973

4.         Neighborhood Succession Process: The Impact of FHA Insurance Practices on Urban Housing Markets in Transition: The St. Louis Case, 1975

5.         Neighborhood Succession Process: Racial Transition and Residential Property Values, 1971

6.         Neighborhood Succession Process: Racial Transition in the Inner Suburb, Studies of the St. Louis Area: Neighborhood Change and Housing: The Case of the Inner Suburbs, 1974

7.         Neighborhood Succession Process: Socioeconomic Transition and Housing Values: A Comparative Analysis of Urban Neighborhoods, 1975

8.         Neighborhood Succession Process: Review by Phares of Solomon’s Housing the Urban Poor: A Critical Evaluation of Federal Housing Policy, 1975

9.         Neighborhood Succession Process: Reviews of a Decent Home and Environment, 1977-1980

10.       Neighborhood Succession Process: The Role and Economic Impact of Residential Construction in the St. Louis Area, 1995

11.       Neighborhood Succession Process: Industrial Diversity in Urban Areas: Alternative Measures and Intermetropolitan Comparisons, 1971

12.       Neighborhood Succession Process: The Neighborhood Preservation Pilot Program and the Economic Impact on St. Louis County and City and the State of Missouri, 1999

13.       Neighborhood Succession Process: St. Louis County Economic Council Neighborhood Preservation Pilot Program, 1998-1999

14.       Neighborhood Succession Process: Report, 1974

15.       Neighborhood Succession Process: Report Duplicate, 1974

16.       Neighborhood Succession Process: A Summary, 1975

17.       Neighborhood Succession Process: Executive Summary of a HUD Research Project Report, 1975

18.       Neighborhood Succession Process: Contemporary Neighborhood Succession Process: Lessons in Dynamic of Decay from the St. Louis Experience, 1975

19.       Neighborhood Succession Process: Contemporary Neighborhood Succession Process: Lessons in Dynamic of Decay from the St. Louis Experience, Duplicate, 1975

20.       Neighborhood Succession Process: Neighborhood Transition: A Comparative Analysis of Income, Age, and Housing Values in St. Louis from 1930-1971, circa 1973

21.       New Markets Development Program: Economic and Fiscal Impact on Missouri, 2009 and 2011

22.       New Markets Development Program: Economic and Fiscal Impact Associated with a New Markets Tax Credit Program in Oregon, n.d.

23.       New Markets Development Program: Correspondence, 2013

24.       New York: The Measurement of Public Sector Activity in New York City with Reference to Health and Hospitals Services, 1972

25.       New York: State Study Commission for New York City: Economic Base and Fiscal Capacity, Consultant: Don Phares, 1973

26.       The Normative Implications of Regional Organization of Metropolitan Regions Conference, 2011

27.       PARX Foundation Center: The Federal, State, and Local Revenues Associated with the Proposed Center, 2001

28.       Public Pension Funds: Investment Strategy and Venture Capital, 2007

29.       Review by Phares: of Nathan and Perloff’s Revenue Sharing and the City, 1971

30.       Richmond Heights: Fiscal Analysis, 1987

31.       South County: Incorporation, 1989-1991

32.       Spirit Airport: 1991-1994

Box 6

1.         St. Louis Economy: Report on the Status of the St. Louis City Economy, Preliminary Draft, 1975

2.         St. Louis Economy: Measuring Unemployment in the City of St. Louis, 1975

3.         St. Louis Economy: The St. Louis Economy in the 1990’s: A Product of Decentralization and Restructuring

4.         St. Louis Economy: Sports, Conventions, Tourism, 1990

5.         St. Louis Economy: Sports Stadium Financing, 1990-1991

6.         St. Louis Economy: Sports Stadium Financing, 1995

7.         St. Louis Economy: Economic Impact of Bi-State Development Agency on the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, 1997

8.         St. Louis Economy: Reviving the Glory of Days Past: St. Louis’s Blitz to save its Image, Identity, and Teams, 1997

9.         St. Louis Economy: St. Louis Convention and Visitor’s Center Economic Impact Correspondence, 2001-2002

10.       St. Louis Economy: St. Louis Convention Center and America’s Center Economic Impact, 2001 and 2005

11.       St. Louis Economy: St. Louis Convention Center Economic Impact, 2006

12.       St. Louis Economy: St. Louis Convention and Visitor’s Center and America’s Center Economic Impact on City and County, 2009-2014

12a.     St. Louis Economy: St. Louis Rams Convention and Visitors Commission Economic Impact, 2011 and 2014

13.       St. Louis Government: Bigger is better, or is it Smaller? Restructuring Local Government in the St. Louis Area, 1989

14.       St. Louis Government: Reorganizing the St. Louis Area: The Freeholders Plan, 1989

15.       St. Louis Government: St. Louis: A Politically Fragmented Area, 1996

16.       St. Louis Schools: Population Migration and City Schools, 1995

17.       St. Louis Schools: Migration Patterns for the City of St. Louis: A Racial and Historical Analysis, 1995

18.       St. Louis Schools: Population Migration Affecting the St. Louis City School District, 1996

19.       St. Louis Schools: Population Migration Affecting the St. Louis City School District, Updated and Revised, 1998

20.       St. Louis Schools: Public Schools Population Migration Report, 1998

21.       St. Louis County: Commentary: County Goes Back to Drawing Board, 1994

22.       St. Louis County: Economic Impact of the St. Louis County Community Come-back Act, 2000

23.       St. Louis County: Sales Ratio Study, 2003 and 2009

24.       St. Louis Transportation: Memo on the Substate Allocation of Transit Subsidies, 1981

25.       St. Louis Transportation: You Can Get There From Here: The Role of Transportation in the Region’s Economic Development, 1990

26.       St. Louis Transportation: You Can Get There From Here: The Role of Transportation in the Region’s Economic Development, 1990-1995

27.       St. Louis Transportation: You Can Get There From Here: The Role of Transportation in the Region’s Economic Development, 2001

28.       St. Louis Transportation: Analysis of Metropolitan St. Louis State Transportation Fiscal Flows, Final Report, 2001

29.       St. Louis Unemployment: Measuring Local Unemployment and Allocating Manpower Funds: A Critical Review of the Current Methodology, 1975

30.       St. Louis Unemployment: CETA Billions Distributed Randomly: Study Shows Faulty Formula May Cost St. Louis $7 Million a Year, 1978

31.       St. Louis Unemployment: Is the City Being Ripped Off? Faulty Formula May Cost St. Louis $7 Million or More Yearly, 1978

Box 7

1.         Taxes: The Role of Tax Burden Studies in State Tax Policy, 1985-1986

2.         Taxes: Tax Exporting in the American Federal System, 1970-1980 and 1982

3.         Taxes, Missouri: Taxes: Time for a Closer Look, 1979

4.         Taxes, Missouri: Commentary: Don’t Hike Consumption Taxes: Higher Prices on Tobacco, Alcohol, and Fuel Would Harm Poor, Cost Jobs, 1990

5.         Taxes, Missouri: The Economic Impact of Consumer Excise Taxes on Missouri, 1990

6.         Taxes, Missouri: Consumer Taxes and How They Impact Missourians, 1993

7.         Taxes, Missouri: The Hancock Amendment Articles, 2011

8.         Taxes, Missouri: Examining Missouri’s Tax System: Tax Expenditures-- a First Step, 2003

9.         Taxes, Missouri: Exempting Food from Missouri Local Sales Taxation: Potential Revenue Substitutes, 1998

10.       Taxes, Missouri: Editorial Commentary: Missouri’s Budget Crunch: The state’s leaking, obsolete tax system dribbles cash at a time we can least afford it. To curb our woeful financial situation, Missouri needs a revised tax structure, 2002

11.       Taxes, Missouri: Editorial: Income Tax Reform: Missouri Should Take Advantage of Federal Tax Cuts, 1983

12.       Taxes, Missouri: Comment: Some of the federal tax cuts should be recaptured by the state, 1983

13.       Taxes, Missouri: Missouri State Revenue Study: Missourians and the Taxes They Pay: State, Local, and Federal, 1996

14.       Taxes, Missouri: Missouri State Revenue Study: Statistical Reference, 1996

15.       Taxes, Missouri: Missouri State Revenue Study: Statistical Reference, 1997

16.       Taxes, Missouri: Missouri Government and Politics: State and Local Revenue and Expenditure Policies, 1995

17.       Taxes, Missouri: Alternatives for Increasing State Revenues and Their Policy Implications for the State of Missouri, 1991

18.       Taxes, Missouri: Increasing State Tax Yield in Missouri, 1981

19.       Taxes, Missouri: The Reagan Program and Local Government, 1982

20.       Taxes, Missouri: A Synthesis with Commentary on Proposals for Revising Missouri’s Revenue System, Revised, 1981

21.       Taxes, Missouri: Missouri Tax Impact on Schools, 1993-1994

22.       Taxes, Missouri: Editorial: Missouri State Income Tax, 2011

23.       Taxes, Missouri: Missouri Tax Expenditures, 2002

24.       Taxes, Missouri: Missouri Shortchanges its Citizens/ Missouri Well-off but Stingy, 1990

25.       Taxes, Missouri: Missourians for Tax Justice, 1998

26.       Taxes, Missouri: Transportation Share and State and Local Revenues Generated Through Transportation Taxes, 2001

27.       Taxes, Missouri: The Economic and Tax Impact of a State Tax Credit to Promote Venture Capital Formation in Missouri, 1994

28.       Taxes, State and Local: Consequences of Proposed Elimination of SALT D-- State and Local Tax Reform, Issue Paper, 1985

29.       Taxes, State and Local: Property Taxation and Equity: An Interstate Analysis, 1973

30.       Taxes, State and Local: Balancing the State-Local Budget: A Look into the 1980’s, 1981

31.       Taxes, State and Local: Book Review: State-Local Tax Equity, 1975

32.       Taxes, State and Local: Equity in State-Local Taxation: An Interstate Analysis, 1971

33.       Taxes, State and Local: Review: Reforming State Tax Systems, 1988

34.       Taxes, State and Local: Reforming State Tax Systems: The Role of Tax Burden Studies in State Tax Policy, 1986

35.       Taxes, State and Local: State and Local Tax Burdens across the Fifty States, 1985

36.       Taxes, State and Local: The Fiscal Status of the State-Local Sector: A Look into the 1980’s, 1981

37.       Taxes, State and Local: The Interstate Distribution of Federal, State, and Local Tax Burdens in the United States, 1984

38.       Taxes, State and Local: Elimination of State-Local Tax Deductibility and Education: The Issues and Its Impact by State, 1986

39.       Taxes, State and Local: Impact of Spatial Tax Flows as Implicit Grants on State-Local Tax Incidence: With Reference to the Financing of Education, 1973

40.       Taxes, State and Local: Federalism, the State-Local Sector, and Education:  A Look to the 1980’s, 1983

41.       Taxes, State and Local: Who Pays State and Local Taxes? First Draft, 1979

42.       Taxes, State and Local: Reviews: Who Pays State and Local Taxes?, 1981-1982

43.       Taxes, State and Local: Viewpoint: Taxes: Who Pays the Bills?, 1980

44.       Taxes, St. Louis: The Case for County Hotel Tax Increase: Area Would Get Convention Center’s Benefits, Visitors Would Pay the Freight, 1990

45.       Taxes, St. Louis: Municipal Income Tax: The St. Louis Case, Technical Paper No. 3, 1970

46.       Taxes, St. Louis: Regional Taxes St. Louis City Civic Progress, 2001

47.       Taxes, St. Louis: Parameters of a Regional Tax Base for the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, 2001

48.       Taxes, St. Louis: Tax Increment Financing Study for St. Louis, 2003

49.       Taxes, St. Louis: St. Louis County Sales Ratio Study, 2003 and 2009

50.       Taxes, St. Louis: PPRC St. Louis Country Tax Study Emails, 2014

51.       Taxes, St. Louis: The Economic Effects of Personal Property Tax Revision on General Aviation in St. Louis(County and City) and in the State of Missouri, 1994

Box 8

1.         Taxes, Various States: Rehabilitation in Cincinnati: The Record to Date, n.d.

2.         Taxes, Various States: The Impact of Hawaii’s Taxes: A Look at Taxpayer Burden and Equity, 1984

3.         Taxes, Various States: Hawaii Tax Study, 1983-1984

4.         Taxes, Various States: An Assessment of the Tax and Expenditure Equity of Iowa’s School Finance System: the Legislator’s Education Action Project, National Conference of State Legislators, 1976

5.         Taxes, Various States: Massachusetts School Finance Primer: Three R’s: Reform of Finance Formula, Relief of the Local Property Tax, Redistribution of Educational Fiscal Burdens, circa 1974

6.         Taxes, Various States: The Estimated Economic and Fiscal Impact Associated with the Minnesota Small Business Investment Act, 2009

7.         Taxes, Various States: An Analysis of Tax Burden and Equity for New York State and Local Taxes, 1983

8.         Taxes, Various States: New York Property Tax Research, 1982-1987

9.         Taxes, Various States: Who Pays New York Taxes?, 1985

10.       Taxes, Various States: New Jersey Expenditure Program, 1986

11.       Taxes: SMB Economic Research Firm Tax Exporting, 1984

12.       Town and Country, Missouri: An Analysis of Business Taxes and Services to Business, 2006

13.       Town and Country, Missouri: Tax and Revenue Analysis, 2005-2006

14.       Unemployment: Unemployment, Jobs, and the Schools, 1978

15.       Urban Problems: Review by Phares of Netzer’s Economics and Urban Problems: Diagnoses and Prescriptions, 1970

16.       Webster Groves: RFP to Evaluate City Operations, 1994

17.       Wildwood: Proposed Incorporation Financial Analysis, 1994-1996

18.       Vitae and Index of Publications


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