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Xing PeiXing Pei's Publications with the Center for Neurodynamics

Gilmore R, Pei X, Moss F.
Topological analysis of chaos in neural spike train bursts.
Chaos. 1999 Sep;9(3):812-817.

Pei X, Dolan K, Moss F, Lai YC.
Counting unstable periodic orbits in noisy chaotic systems: A scaling relation connecting experiment with theory.
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Braun HA, Huber MT, Anthes N, Voigt K, Neiman A, Pei X, Moss F.
Noise-induced impulse pattern modifications at different dynamical period-one situations in a computer model of temperature encoding.
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Pei X, Wilkens L, Moss F.
Noise-Mediated Spike Timing Precision from Aperiodic Stimuli in an Array of Hodgkin-Huxley-Type Neurons.
Physical Review Letters1996 Nov 25;77(22):4679-4682.

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Light enhances hydrodynamic signaling in the multimodal caudal photoreceptor interneurons of the crayfish.
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Detecting low dimensional dynamics in biological experiments.
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Stochastic resonance. Neurons in parallel.
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