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Online Remote Proctoring

Some assessments in your online course might require the use of the SmarterProctoring Platform. Depending on the options your instructor chooses, you may be able to take the test using automated online proctoring, schedule a face-to-face proctoring session with your instructor or TA, or schedule an appointment with the UMSL Testing Center or another nearby test center. 

SmarterProctoring is supported by Missouri Online. For more information or technical assistance:

SmarterProctoring Student Support

SmarterProctoring Faculty Support

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Off-Campus Testing Centers

Students residing at a distance from campus may take proctored tests at a college or university test center near their location or under the supervision of an approved proctor, such as a librarian or military education officer. If SmarterProctoring does not populate any nearby test centers, it is the responsibility of the student to locate a test center or proctor. Students must send an email to testing@umsl.edu that includes the proctor's name, title, and email address. The UMSL Testing Center will verify the site or proctor's validity before releasing any test materials or passwords to an offsite entity. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange an appointment with their proctor and pay any required fees.

Find a Proctor: NCTA Proctoring Network (please note this is not an exhaustive list of testing sites) 

Please note that students may take UMSL exams at no charge at the following community college test centers:


Updated August 16, 2023