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Before you go: 

  • Determine whether you can walk in or make an appointment.

  • Make an appointment with your advisor via MyConnect, telephone, or email.

  • Prepare a list of questions and/or concerns you would like to address in the advising session.

  • Review the Bulletin, UMSL’s description of programs, requirements, policies and procedures.

  • Obtain and bring completed transcripts from other educational institutions, placement test results, advanced credit decisions, etc.

  • Bring a list of courses that interest you and are relevant to your major

  • Familiarize yourself with important dates.

  • Be prepared to describe strengths and goals as well as barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals.

  • Be ready to interact in the decision-making process. 

After the appointment: 

  • Follow through with suggestions, referrals and resources.

  • Keep a record of your academic progress, including notes from advising meetings, your MyDegree Degree Audit, and other documents reviewed at the meetings.

  • Work to develop a mutual relationship with your assigned advisor by scheduling appointments. 


 At UMSL, all undergraduate students are required to meet with an advisor:

  • Before you enroll in your first semester.

  • When you complete 90 hours. 

Throughout your career, you should make appointments or may be required to make appointments for several reasons including:

  • Enrollment each semester

  • You have met certain milestones in your degree program

  • Changing your major

  • You have not declared a major and have earned 60 hours

  • Your admission status requires further appointments

  • You are on academic probation

  • You are at risk of losing financial aid eligibility or have lost financial aid eligibility

  • You want to withdraw from the University

Anytime you have a question such as:

  • Not sure how to choose a general education course or elective?

  • Your instructor recommends a tutor and you don’t know where to go?

  • Do you think you are close to graduating?