Freshman Checklist (0-30 Hours) | UMSL

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For Your UMSL Experience

Attend New Student Orientation

Check your UMSL email account daily

Meet with your advisor at least once each semester

Learn the degree requirements for your major

Complete your Math Proficiency Test and Math requirement

Complete First Year Writing

Attend the Major/Minor Jam

Attend meetings for student organizations that interest you

Use the support services that can help you succeed inside and outside of your classes


For Your Career

Check out the Career Services Website and begin working through the Career Development Checklist

Register for Triton Careers

Consider attending Career Fairs and other Career Events

Consider Volunteering to gain skills


Undeclared Majors 

Explore the degrees we offer

Visit the college advising offices to learn the benefits of different degrees

Check What Can I Do With This Major? on the Career Services webpage

Once you are ready, declare your major.


International Students

Attend International Student Orientation

Learn how to use Aetna insurance or petition the ISS office to use your own plan (if you qualify)

Become familiar with the immigration rules of your student visa type

If you were provisionally admitted, submit required documents to avoid loss of immigration status

Complete your immunization records if you did not submit them at the time of admission

If you get an on-campus job, apply for a Social Security number through the ISS office

Consult an international student advisor before accepting an internship or job off-campus

Report any change of address within 10 days (through MyView)

reviewed and updated: February 2018