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Student Organization Conduct Policy

A student at the University assumes an obligation to behave in a manner compatible with the University's function as an educational institution and voluntarily enters into a community of high achieving scholars. A student organization recognized by the University of Missouri also assumes an obligation to behave in a manner compatible with the University's function as an educational institution. Consequently, students and student organizations must adhere to community standards in accordance with the University’s mission and expectations.

These expectations have been established in order to protect a specialized environment conducive to learning which fosters integrity, academic success, personal and professional growth, and responsible citizenship.

Jurisdiction of the University of Missouri generally shall be limited to conduct which occurs on the University of Missouri premises or at University-sponsored or University-supervised functions. However, the University may take appropriate action, including, but not limited to the imposition of sanctions under Sections 200.020 and 200.025 of the Collected Rules and Regulations against students and student organizations for conduct occurring in other settings, including off-campus, in order to protect the physical safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors or if there are effects of the conduct that interfere with or limit students ability to participate in or benefit from the University’s educational programs and activities.

A student organization is a recognized student organization that has received official approval in accordance with Section 250.010 of the Collected Rules and Regulations. To determine whether a student organization is responsible for conduct outlined in Section 200.010C, all circumstances will be considered, including but not limited to whether:

  1. The student organization approved, condoned, allowed, encouraged, assisted or promoted such conduct;
  2. The prohibited behavior in question was committed by one or more student organization officers or a significant number of student organization members;
  3. Student organization resources, such as funds, listservs, message boards or organization locations, are used for the prohibited conduct; and/or
  4. A policy or official practice of the student organization resulted in the prohibited conduct.

Taken from CRR 200.010: Student Conduct

Review the University Collected Rules and Regulations and the Standard of Conduct for more information. For questions regarding the policy regarding student conduct or student organization conduct, contact the Division for Student Affairs, (314) 516-5211.