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Guidelines for Children on Campus

These guidelines are intended to insure a safe, inviting and productive environment in which employees and students can meet their employment and educational obligations. As such, the provisions outlined below apply to all UMSL students, employees and visitors.

A. Basic Presumption: UMSL recognizes that employees and students may occasionally bring children to the campus for brief visits, campus events, situational convenience or family emergencies. However, the campus is not usually an appropriate place for pre-high school aged children to be present on a frequent or continuing basis, except when the child is accessing a university sponsored and/or approved program or residing in a campus residence with an enrolled student or active employee.

The following points limit the presence of children on the UMSL campus:

  1. There are many campus environmental factors that could pose a danger to children.
  2. Children can create distractions that interfere with education-related activities and general operations of the university.
  3. Any incident in which a child is harmed could create liability for the university.
  4. Children should not be brought to campus on a regular basis in lieu of childcare.

B. The following guidelines apply when a child is present on campus:

  1. The parent/guardian is responsible for providing direct supervision of the child at all times while on campus. Accountability of the child's behavior, when on campus, rests solely with the parent/guardian.
  2. Children not participating in UMSL sponsored and/or approved programs are prohibited from areas where significant potential safety hazards and liabilities exist, including areas where strict safety precautions are required.
  3. Whether or not children are allowed in a class is the discretion of the individual instructor. (There may be subject matter in a college course that is unsuitable for children, or the instructor may simply prefer not to have children in his/her classroom.). Students must obtain the instructor’s permission before bringing a child to class. The conduct of the child shall not interfere with the educational process or learning environment. An instructor may ask the parent and child to leave if the child is being disruptive to the class. Under no circumstances should children be allowed in laboratories or classes where a child could be injured or there is the possibility of a child damaging university equipment.
  4. As a general rule, children with contagious illnesses or illnesses requiring special attention should not be brought to campus.
  5. Parents/guardians should make any arrangements for others to supervise or care for a child who is brought to campus prior to bringing the child to campus.
  6. Any department or class which allows children into its office or classroom space must exercise caution to ensure that departmental practices relative to children are applied consistently to all employees or students in that department.
  7. With the exception of children participating in UMSL sponsored and/or approved programs, campus technology is reserved for student and employee use.
  8. In accordance with CRR 110.010, while on university property, persons who are not students or employees of the university are required to abide by university policies and regulations.
  9. Any violations of these guidelines should be reported to the appropriate unit administrator.

Approved 11/4/2015. Revised 11/16/2015.