Welcome to the Supply Chain Risk And Resilience Research Institute 


SCR3 would like to welcome students back to campus for Fall 2021!


 The purpose of the Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Research Institute (SCR3) at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) is to be the premier global institute for advancing knowledge and practice in mitigating risk and creating resilience in supply chains. 


Click here to listen to Dr. Zsidisin on St.Louis Public Radio, talking about the Supply Chain industry possibilities. 


SCR3 is pleased to announce our newest member, the Schaeffler Group!

There is no question risk exists in our supply chains. The challenge is understanding how organizations can assess and mitigate their exposure to risk and create resilience in their firms and supply chains, both effectively and efficiently. The Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Research Institute (SCR3) has extensive research and training experience in better understanding how firms can assess and manage risk in supply chains. Leveraging partnerships with industry, institutes and scholarly organizations worldwide, in addition to possessing a wide and deep expertise in multiple research methodological approaches, SCR3 is a central focal point for obtaining leading-edge expertise in supply chain risk principles and resilience strategies.

The origins of the Institute stem from an Endowment recognizing the pioneering work of Mr. John W. Barriger III in the railroad industry and the Center for Transportation Studies. Recognizing these origins, we have refined our focus to research examining how firms can mitigate risk and create resilience in their supply chains - which includes and extends the initial orientation on railroads and transportation systems.

Pictured left to right: Ms. Jane Gleason; Mercantile Board President, Dr. George A. Zsidisin; Director of SCR3, Dr. Jill Bernard Bracy; Associate Directore of SCR3, Mr. Nick Fry; Research Fellow (Railroads), SCR3
Left to right: Ms. Jane Gleason - Mercantile Board President, Dr. George A. Zsidisin, Dr. Jill Bernard Bracy, Mr. Nick Fry