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Art is his voice

Brock Seals impacts through painting   
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A balancing act
Lacing up - UMSL Cross Country runs its first full season
Flying high - Japanese program, students blossom at UMSL

About the magazine
The University of Missouri–St. Louis publishes UMSL Magazine for alumni and friends. The magazine highlights excellence at the university. Circulation is 108,606 and the magazine is released twice a year.
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Real-world results - A collaboration with UMSL benefits Ameren
Steven Louis Brawley St. Louis - LGBT History Project
Andrea Jackson-Jennings - COVID-19 Regional Response Team
Ronald Jones - Community builder and master gardener
Emily Blackburn - Crime analysis unit manager
Betty Van Uum - UMSL’s campus is her legacy
Chris Sullivan - Campus health officer
Earl Swift - Author and journalist

You belong

The UMSL Alumni Association engages all alumni in the life of UMSL through a variety of programs, services and volunteer opportunities. One such program was the inaugural UMSL Alumni 5k Run & Walk, held on Oct. 16, which drew over 200 alumni and friends.

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