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Mission and Guiding Principles

Mission of the Des Lee Collaborative Vision

We want to link the knowledge, expertise and resources of academic institutions in St. Louis to the community’s civic, cultural, business, educational and governmental entities to provide the vision and leadership that will enhance, support and strengthen the region for the benefit of all its citizens. Special emphasis will be placed on increasing opportunities for underserved populations.

Guiding Principles of the Des Lee Collaborative Vision

  • Collaborate and leverage resources wherever possible
  • Encourage collaboration between all action teams
  • Recognize that collaboration can be challenging
  • Reward innovation and collaboration
  • Respect unique perspectives of all members and groups
  • Keep structure simple and non-bureaucratic
  • Foster a spirit of mutual understanding, giving, caring, tolerance, unselfishness and hope, with special focus given to underserved populations

Updates and activities that help accomplish the DLCV Mission

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