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The Center for Neurodynamics will co-host three guest speakers this semester:

  • Alexandre Morozov (Physics Department Colloquium, Friday September 19)
  • Dan Goldman (Physics Department Colloquium, Friday October 17)
  • Adi Bulsara (Moss Lecture, Friday October 24)

Stay tuned for more details about these events coming soon.


NEWS FROM 2013/2012

The Center for Neurodynamics welcomed its newest member, Prof. Aimee Dunlap of UMSL's Department of Biology. Visit Prof. Dunlap's lab website to learn more about her research.

Center members Gualtiero Piccinini and Sonya Bahar co-authored a paper on neural computation and the neural theory of cognition. The paper appears in the April 2013 issue of Cognitive Science. The collaboration was also featured in UMSL Daily.

UMSL's Certificate in Neuroscience was approved by Missouri's Coordinating Board of Higher Education in April 2012. Undergraduates can now take courses from a variety of interdisciplinary neuro-related areas in order to earn the Certificate.

Professor Brit Brogaard recently discussed her work on savant syndrome on ABC's Nightline. To see the full episode, click here.


Image_Place_HolderCenter Expands, Adds New Members

In 2011, the Center for Neurodynamics welcomed four new members: Berit Brogaard of UMSL’s Department of Philosophy, Mike Nichols of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Carl Bassi from the College of Optometry, and George Taylor, Chair of the Department of Psychology. Their research interests range from the imaging of brain activity in autistic savants to the study of the formation of amyloid beta plaques in Alzheimer’s disease. With the addition of these new members, the Center now includes all those on the UMSL campus whose work involves interdisciplinary studies in the brain sciences. We are looking forward to an expanded role in the UMSL community as we provide a virtual meeting place and intellectual “home” for a variety of researchers. Stay tuned for announcements of interdisciplinary talks hosted by the Center in the winter semester of 2012.

Frank Moss (1934-2011)

Frank Moss

The Center for Neurodynamics, the UMSL community, and many scientists throughout the world continue to mourn the loss of Frank Moss. January 4, 2013 marked the second anniversary of his death, and his friends and colleagues still find it difficult to wrap their minds around the idea that he is gone.

This past year has seen several international workshops held in Frank’s honor. A special Focus Issue of the journal Chaos is currently in press, dedicated to Frank, and collecting a wide range of papers in the field of complex stochastic dynamics in biology, which he helped to found. The Focus Issue appeared in December 2011.