UMSL now offers a Certificate in Neuroscience! For more details, contact the Department of Philosophy or the College of Arts and Sciences.

A brief summary of the requirements for the certificate are listed below:

Certificate in Neuroscience

UMSL now offers a Certificate in Neuroscience! For more details, visit the Neuroscience Certificate home page.


1.  The two entry level courses (8 credit hours):
BIOL 1811, Introductory Biology: From Molecules to Organisms
PSYCH 2211, Introduction to Biological Psychology

2. One statistics course selected from the list below (3 credit hours):
BIOL 4122, Biometry
MATH 1320, Applied Statistics I
PSYCH 2201, Psychological Statistics
SOC 3220, Sociological Statistics

3. Two elective courses (6 credit hours). At least one elective must be taken outside the student’s major:
BIOL 3102, Animal Behavior
BIOL 4822, Introduction to Neuroscience
CHEM 4712, Biochemistry
CMP SCI 4300, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CMP SCI 4340, Introduction to Machine Learning
HONORS 3050, Advanced Honors Seminar in the Sciences
PHIL 2280, Minds, Brains, and Machines
PHIL 3378, Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 4478, Topics in Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 4479, Philosophy of Cognitive Science
PHYSICS 4347, Biophysics of Imaging
PSYCH 4300, Introduction to Psychopharmacology: Drigs and Mental Illness
PSYCH 4314, Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYCH 4330, Hormones, the Brain and Behavior
PSYCH 4349, Human Learning and Memory

4. At least 3 credits from two semesters of research experience. This requires completion of a Directed Research Assistantship with a Neuroscience faculty member within any of the participating departments. The research project must be approved in advance by the undergraduate advisor with the assistance of a committee of Neuroscience faculty. It is expected that this research will lead to a presentation at the UMSL Neuroscience seminar and the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

BIOL 4905, Research
CHEM 3905, Chemical Research
CMP SCI 4880, Individual Studies
PHIL 4450, Special Readings in Philosophy
PHYSICS 3390, Research
PSYCH 3390, Directed Studies