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SL: 1-55-3

Public Policy Research Centers

(PPRC Exhibit Files, 2005-2013)



Exhibit files under leadership of Mel Watkins

15 Kids:  By Us For Us, 2005

Gateway Greening Community Garderners, 2005

From Bosnia to Buerkle Middle School, 2006

Lewis Place Historic Preservations, 2007

Prison Performing Arts, 2007-2008

Jeff Vanderlou, 2008

Parent Infant Interaction Program, 2008

City Seeds, 2009

Point-Of-View—Center for Survivors of War Torture, 2009

Point-of-View—Granite City, Illinois, 2009

Russian St. Louis, 2010

Lydia’s House, 2010

St. Vincent Home for Children, 2010

Art and Healthcare, 2011

Faces and Place of Downtown Dutchtown, 2011

Fathers’ Support Center, 2012

City Greens Produce, 2012

Angel Baked Cookies, 2013

Deaf Inc., 2013


Boxes in UM-St. Louis Archives, TJ Library