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Running Your DARS Report

You must have an UMSL Student ID number, SSO ID and password in order to run a DARS reports. Transfer course work must be entered on your student record and evaluated before it will report on the DARS report.

You can view and print your own DARS report using the degree audit link on your "My Gateway" page. If you need help in generating or interpreting the report, click on the help links located at the right hand side of the top of the Audit menu page as well as the Audit Help listed under the Audits column.

You may generate an audit using your course work for any degree program or minor or certificate using the available options listed in the Degree program drop down menu.

In addition, you can do "what-if" scenarios choosing courses and experimental grades that you are interested in taking to see the effect that a course will have on meeting degree requirements as well as the effect a grade received will have on your GPA.

For questions concerning degree requirements, please make an appointment with an advisor in your Academic Unit.

Running DARS & Plan Courses

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