By summarizing courses you should choose from to complete your degree requirements, DARS ensures that you stay on track and not take unnecessary courses. If you are thinking about changing majors, a DARS report can be produced that shows you exactly how coursework already completed applies toward another major.
  • DARS takes the "guesswork" out of selecting courses for future enrollment. 
  • The report shows what requirements are completed and what courses still need 
    to be taken. 
  • DARS shows where transfer work will apply toward your degree requirements. 
  • DARS uses the on-line student record for information, therefore the report 
    is up-to-date. 
  • DARS suggests courses from which to choose. 
  • DARS calculates the GPA for various areas such as the major or degree hours.

Does DARS Replace Advising?
No. DARS is a tool to assist in the advising process. It is meant to help advisors and students in the process of course selection and academic program planning. It reduces the mechanical record-keeping tasks and gives advisors more time to interact with students, concentrating on academic and career counseling.

Advisors will help resolve any problem areas. Also, some academic majors require choosing a series of courses in consultation or with the approval of the advisor.

DARS does NOT replace advising - it just helps make it an easier and more meaningful interaction.

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