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Student Support

Student Support Specialist

All Dual Enrollment students have access to a Student Support Specialist. Each semester, one staff member at UMSL will inform and guide students through their Dual Enrollment experience outside of the classroom. Dual enrolled students are encouraged to contact their Student Support Specialist with any questions regarding the program, UMSL, or general questions about transitioning to college (see example below). 

Contact the Dual Enrollment Student Support Specialist, Brian Farrar, now at

Brian can assist you with:


Your Student Support Specialist will conduct an orientation designed specifically for dual enrollment students. Click here to access the online orientation course. Remember, students are also required to meet with their Student Support Specialist on campus as part of orientation. Orientation will include information about: 

Remember, students should always contact their professor(s) with questions or concerns about their course, grades, or homework; your Student Support Specialist does not have access to this information. If you are having technical issues, contact UMSL IT at 314-516-6034. If you have questions about selecting courses for future semesters, contact John Perez at, and make sure to reference the Dual Enrollment Program.