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The CARE Team is a group of UMSL staff who share their knowledge and expertise in an effort to address situations of concern. Though university students are the main focus of the CARE Team, concerning incidents involving visitors and guests are also discussed and acted upon as needed.

Meetings are held every two weeks throughout the academic year to ensure adequate and open communication between CARE Team members. Following these meetings, the case managers identify and implement action plans as appropriate.

The information shared within this group is confidential and is used solely for the purpose of determining an appropriate university response.


Standing Members

If you would like to report an incident of concern to the CARE Team, please submit a CARE Referral FormNote:Concerns involving immediate or imminent danger should be reported to Campus Police at 314-516-5155.

Case Managers: 

Kasey Fraser-Smith
301 Woods Hall

Robin Kimberlin
144 Millennium Student Center