There are four fully funded internship positions available.  Interns will earn $1,916.67 per month ($23,000 yearly) and will be considered employees of the University of Missouri - St. Louis.  Benefits include:

Vacation/Sick Leave:  22 working days per year to use for vacation or sick leave.  Unused leave at the end of the internship year is not reimbursable. 

Health Insurance:  Employees and their eligible dependents are offered two health insurance options with substantial subsidy from the University of Missouri.

Holidays:  8 paid holidays annually.

Life Insurance:  The University of Missouri offers a basic term life insurance (1 times annual salary) plan at no cost and there are other options to purchase additional coverage.

Cafeteria Plan:  An optional payroll deduction savings plan which permit employees to set aside a portion of their salary on a tax-free basis to be reimbursed for certain medical, child and dependent care expenses.