Applicants must be from APA-accredited doctoral programs in clinical or counseling psychology to be considered.  Experience with both adults and children/adolescents is desired.  We require a minimum of 200 psychotherapy hours as well as prior clinical experience administering and interpreting major cognitive (e.g., WAIS-IV) and personality (e.g., MMPI-2) tests.  Applicants are expected to have completed a minimum of 5 comprehensive psychological assessments integrating both cognitive and personality measures.  Projective testing experience is desired, but not required.  A particular interest in, and/or experience with, diverse populations is highly desirable.  We seek to train interns from diverse backgrounds.    

To apply for our internship program, please follow the steps detailed below. If you have any questions, you may contact Dr. Smith (email is preferred):

Deana L. Smith, Ph.D.
Director of Training
St. Louis Psychology Internship Consortium
c/o Psychology Department, 325 Stadler Hall
University of Missouri – St. Louis
One University Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO 63121

Our APPIC Matching Program Code Number is 140011

  1. Please access the online AAPIC application. Please be sure to submit the following materials through the online application portal:
 ~ Completed AAPI application, including cover letter, CV, certification from your program's Director of Clinical Training, official transcripts from each graduate psychology program and 3 letters of recommendation.
Please submit the following through the supplementary materials portal:
~Treatment Summary: a therapy case summary that includes a case conceptualization and a summary of the course of treatment.
~Psychological Evaluation Report


  1. Virtual interviews are held in January. Invitations for interviews are sent out by email.
  1. We participate in the National Matching Program and will abide by the Match Policies enumerated on the APPIC website. The National Matching Service can also be accessed through the APPIC website, or directly.

 The program adheres to the University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations Policy #320.010: "The Curators of the University of Missouri do hereby reaffirm and state the policy of the University of Missouri on Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity. Equal Opportunity is and shall be provided for all employees and applicants for employment on the basis of their demonstrated ability and competence without discrimination on the basis of their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or status as a Vietnam era veteran."

 Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity Rules


 Note:  The University of Missouri – St. Louis and the Missouri Department of Mental Health both require a background check for abuse/neglect and criminal history.  In addition, the Missouri Department of Mental Health also requires a drug screen.  Failure to pass any of these screens will abrogate the obligation incurred through the Match and result in dismissal from the internship.