The Sex Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Services (SORTS) program was established in 1999 and serves clients who have been civilly committed after courts have found them to meet criteria as sexually violent predators (SVPs). These individuals receive intensive therapeutic services within the maximum security facility.

SORTS offers a wide range of opportunities to interns such as working with individuals with severe personality disorders (including some with a high degree of psychopathy), paraphilias, and other diagnostic categories rarely accessible through most inpatient and outpatient settings.

 Treatment at SORTS is constantly evolving with new research findings. Individualized Treatment Plans utilize cognitive-behavioral, emotional regulation, mindfulness, arousal management, and other evidence-based practices.

 As an intern you will have the opportunity to develop and hone skills that will serve you well regardless of your future plans. You will have the opportunity to work with a diverse treatment team, and you will have contact with professionals at all levels of the program. You will have opportunities to participate in a variety of didactic trainings as well.

 A typical day for a SORTS intern might include: an individual therapy session, co-facilitating a psychoeducational group, lunch and learn, assessment/report writing, documentation, and supervision.

 SORTS will work with you to develop an individualized training program to meet your needs and interests. You will be supervised by the SORTS Program Director, Internship Coordinator, or another licensed psychologist.


Kimberly S. Bye, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist for the Missouri Department of Mental Health.  She received her doctorate from Sam Houston State University in Texas in 2013.  Dr. Bye works at Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center in the Sex Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Services Program located in Farmington, MO.  She currently works on program and unit development and supervises clinical staff as well as psychology interns and postdoctoral residents.

Gregory P. Markway, Ph.D. serves as internship training coordinator for the Sex Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Services Program in Farmington, MO. He provides annual reviews of clients' progress for the courts. His prior experiences include directing Forensic Services for the Missouri Department of Mental Health as well as Mental Health and Sex Offender Services for the Missouri Department of Corrections.