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Undergraduate/Graduate Training

A Graduate

For questions regarding undergraduate practicum opportunities, available only to students pursuing the Child Advocacy Studies certificate or minor, please contact Dorothy Haskell at (314) 516-7337 or at dorothyhaskell@umsl.edu

For questions regarding practicum opportunities, please contact Erica Irwin at (314) 516-4083 or at irwinel@umsl.edu

For questions regarding psychology internships, clerkships, and post-doctoral training, please contact Dr. Matt Kliethermes at (314) 516-6787 or at kliethermesm@umsl.edu

Undergraduate Opportunities:

PSYC 3390 Research Assistant
PSYC 3390 Intake Specialist

Graduate Opportunities:

Intake/Group Therapy Trainee (Foundation-level practicum)
Victim Advocate Trainee (Concentration-level practicum)
Clinical Trainee (Concentration-level practicum)

Pre-Doctoral Internship

Post Doctoral Training

CASGSL participates in the St. Louis Psychology Internship Consortium.