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The ongoing work of Children’s Advocacy Services depends on the generosity of donors from the community. CASGSL will make sure your donation goes to the best cause.

Donations can be conveniently made via online giving through the University of Missouri's donation system.

Donations may also be sent directly to the agency at Children's Advocacy Services of Greater St. Louis, One University Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63121.



What $100 could provide:

  • A  trauma-focused therapy session for an abused child.
  • A forensic interview at West Pine so an abused child only has to tell her/his story one time.
  • Two months worth of DVDs to record forensic interviews or therapy sessions.
  • Art supplies to help traumatized children express their feelings about their experiences.
  • Supplies or snacks for 16 weeks for a Preschool, Elementary Age or Adolescent Group.
  • Three months of snacks for forensic interview or therapy clients.
  • Therapeutic board games to help children recover from abuse and neglect.
  • Four sets of appropriate toys to give to families to promote positive interaction between parents and children and practice skills they learned in counseling.
  • Transportation for a child to therapy for a month.
  • Breakfast at 3 Case Review meetings where law enforcement, prosecutors and child protective workers on our team update investigations.
  • Print 100 brochures which outline our services.
  • A pair of anatomically correct dolls used in forensic interviews.
  • A staff appreciation event for therapists and interviewers who work with the kids.