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Vision Science in the News

The latest is " How Many Girls are there in the Picture?" visual illusion meme, 2? 3? 4? more?

Also see " The Jacket", another popular visual illusion similar to  " The Dress".  #TheDress became a viral phenomenon in February 2015.  The controversy of the colors became a topic in the popular press.  It has generated a number of peer review articles:

Gegenfurtner, K. R., Bloj, M., & Toscani, M. (2015). The many colours of ‘the dress’Current Biology25(13), R543-R544.

Lafer-Sousa, R., Hermann, K. L., & Conway, B. R. (2015). Striking individual differences in color perception uncovered by ‘the dress’ photographCurrent Biology25(13), R545-R546.

Winkler, A. D., Spillmann, L., Werner, J. S., & Webster, M. A. (2015). Asymmetries in blue–yellow color perception and in the color of ‘the dress’Current Biology25(13), R547-R548.

Vision Science lectures/articles

Rayleigh and Mie scattering explanations and demonstration

Ultraviolet light and cataract formation

Links in Vision Science

Are there  4 cones in the human eye? 

How to select the best portrait lens.

See a new optical sensor for counting white blood cells through the skin.

Bacterial cells may have the “ world's smallest eyes”.  

A group of researchers modeled the mantis shrimp’s compound eyes and polarized vision to create a camera that can detect various forms of cancer. 

The Vanta black: the "blackest" black.

The world's thinnest lens.

Yoga and IOP

What pilots see when you shine a laser in the cockpit

More illusions.

The Eyes of Johann Sebastian Bach

The 20/20 patient who cannot read

Never look through a telescope at the sun 

No you can not make all colors with red, green, and blue lights: Quantum colors

Cataract removal and macular pigment measurement

Minor head trauma and vision loss in football players

Bug zapping lasers

Light emitting nanoparticles in glass

What color is a mirror?

Ambiguous cylinders in a mirror illusion

Electrical stimulation of visual cortex improves perception

What did nearsighted humans do before glasses?

Vision impairment and intracranial pressure in astronauts

Vision but not acuity is associated with cessation of driving

Sunglasses for Olympic athletes

Telescope resolution beyond the diffraction limit

Gut microbiome and uveitis

Oily fish may ward off diabetic retinopathy

A new area of trust and transparency in clinical trials

        Low power and Type II errors in ophthalmic research 

Vitamin D and dry eye 

Peripheral vision may be an optical illusion in part.

Screening for visual impairment after stroke

Neuroplasticity and amblyopia

Vitamin B3 and glaucoma

Ultra-sensitive camera

" Seeing through" materials

Artificial Iris

5-year longitudinal study of structural and functional tools to assess progression of glaucoma.

Artificial iris