Topic Description
Safety Safety in the microbiology laboratory
Disinfectants Good disinfectants for the classroom
Culture Problems Descriptions of some common problems and solutions to those problems
Maintenance of Bacteria Techniques for short-term and long-term maintainence of cultures
Sterile Technique Methods for sterile transfer of cultures in broth or on plates
Optimum Temperatures Optimum temperatures for growth of common lab strains
Sterilizing Methods for sterilizing media and glassware in the classroom
Streaking plates Method for streaking plates to obtain isolated colonies
Nutrient Agar Instructions for preparing nutrient broth, plates, and slants
Tips for plates Tips for pouring and storing plates
Incubator A low-cost incubator for the classroom
Homemade Media An inexpensive alternative to commercial media
Testing Autoclaves Commercial spore solutions test sterilizers
Tyndallization An old-fashioned method for sterilizing broth
Simple Staining of Microbes Instructions for staining bacteria