Collection Name
Collection Number
Shelving Location
Book and Periodical Holdings
John W. Barriger III Papers B-1 Archives
Charles Rupp Railroad Timetable Collection B-2 Archives
The ACF Industries Archival Collection B-3 Archives
Association of American Railroads-Bureau of Railway Economics Historical Collection B-4 Archives
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Historical Society Collections B-5 Archives
Milwaukee Road Archives B-6 Archives
Isabel H. Benham Papers B-7 Archives
Hamill-Louisville and Nashville Railroad Collection B-8 Archives
Maury Klein Collection B-9 Archives
Donald Sarno Collection B-10 Archives
Pliny-Fisk Collection B-11 Archives
Don Hofsommer Collection B-12 Archives
Reinier Beeuwkes Collection B-13 Archives
Railroad Executive Oral History Program B-14 Archives
William Rapp Photograph Collection B-15 Archives
Gregory Ames Collection of Children’s Railroad Literature B-16 Archives
Preyer Photograph Collection of German Locomotives B-17 Archives
Guilbeau-Holcomb Translation of Carl Friedrich Zimpel’s Das Eisenbahnwesen von Nordamerika B-18 Archives
Amtrak Corridor Development Studies Collection B-19 Archives
G. W. Maxwell Photograph Collection B-20 Archives
Railroad Prints Collection B-21 Archives
Railroad Stock Certificate Collection B-22 Archives
Missouri Pacific Collection B-23 Archives
Klasing Brake Collection B-24 Archives
Johnson Papers B-25 Archives
Gallagher Papers B-26 Archives
White Papers B-27 Archives
Clark Collection B-28 Archives
John W. Barriger IV Collection B-29 Archives
Zeigler Locomotive Photos Collection B-30 Archives
Hofsommer Covers Collection B-31 Archives
John Barker Collection B-32 Display Cases and Archives
Lindquist Collection B-33 Archives
Merchants Dispatch Collection B-34 Archives
Lou Marre Locomotive Photos B-35 Archives
Herb Harwood Photos B-36 Archives
Burkhardt Employee Timetable Collection B-37 Archives
Railroad Menu Collection B-38 Archives
Myers Collection B-39 Archives
Steinmeyer Photos B-40 Archives
Philadelphia and Northeastern Collection B-41 Archives
Jenkins Scrapbook B-42 Archives
Railroad Rule Books B-43 Archives
Loewy Designs B-44 Archives
Model Train Catalogs B-45 Archives
Railroad Sound Records B-46 Archives
Robert W. McKnight Railway Signal Collection B-47 Archives
Arthur Dubin Drumheads B-48 Archives
Stanley Barriger Collection B-49 Archives
Myles Model Train Collection B-50 Archives
Cheragotti Collection B-51 Archives
Binzell Photo Collection B-52 Archives
Railroader of the Year Collection B-53 Archives
Robert W. Downing Collection B-54 Archives
LStMS Transit Note B-55 Archives
John W. Barriger III Memorabillia B-56 Archives
Railroad Timebook Collection B-57 Archives
Fehl Drawings B-58 Archives
Railroad Pass Collection B-59 Archives
Association of RR Editors Collection B-60 Archives
Union Pacific Collection B-61 Archives
Budd Car Drawing B-62 Archives
Weinman Collection B-63 Archives
NC&St.L Report Log B-64 Archives
Rogers Letter Book B-65 Archives
Dorothy King Collection B-66 Archives
Fasulo Collection B-67 Archives
Jordan Collection B-68 Archives
Stephenson Collection B-69 Archives
Vaughan Collection B-70 Archives
Robert G. and J. Hansell Lewis Collection B-71 Archives
Lou Marre Collection B-72 Archives
USRA Collection B-73 Archives
Simmons-Boardman Collection B-74 Archives
Bangor and Aroostook Collection B-75 Archives
David S. Weatherwax Collection B-76 Archives
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Collection B-77 Archives
New York Central Railroad Transit Books B-78 Archives
New York Central Railroad Collection B-79 Archives
Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Collection B-80 Archives
Pere Marquette Railroad Collection B-81 Archives
Hocking Valley Railroad Collection B-82 Archives
Northern Railroad of New York Collection B-83 Archives
Unadilla Valley Railway Collection B-84 Archives
Chandler and Co. Collection B-85 Archives
Railroad History Collection B-86 Archives
Steam Locomotive Research Institute Collection B-87 Archives
Stuyvesant Fish Collection B-88 Archives
Troy and Rutland Railroad Co. Collection B-89 Archives
Railroad Stock Certificate Collection B-90 Archives
Ronald L. Batory Collection B-91 Archives
D. K. McNear Collection B-92 Archives
H. K. Vollrath Collection B-93 Archives
Victor Hand Collection B-94 Archives
Robert Breese Collection B-95 Archives
Blalock-Charles Collection B-096 Barriger Archives
Ira Silverman Collection B-97 Archives
Richard Saunders Collection B-98 Archives
GM&O Bloomington, IL Collection B-99 Archives
Lakeside and Marblehead ICC Reports Collection B-100 Archives
The Roberts Collection B-101 Archives
Fred Frailey Collection B-102 Archives
Pullman Standard Negative Collection B-103 Archives
Robert Grindrod Collection B-104 Archives
Egan Collection B-105 Archives
LTK Engineering Collection B-106 Archives
G. W. Maxwell Collection B-107 Archives
John F. Nash Collection B-108 Archives
Stephanus Collection B-109 Archives
Power Clash Manuscript Collection B-110 Archives
Ted Rose Collection B-111 Archives
I-64 Study Papers B-112 Archives
The West the Railroads Made Exhibition Archive B-113 Archives
Frisco Predecessor Collection B-114 Archives
FBI Report on the Wreck of the Federal B-115 Digital Library
Ray Burton Collection B-116 Archives
St. Francois County Railway Collection B-117 Archives
Houlahan Collection B-118 Archives
Wayne Leeman Collection B-119 Archives
Baldwin Locomotive Works Collection B-120 Barriger Archives
E. Ray Lichty Collection B-121 Archives
Harry B. Mathews Collection B-122 Archives & On Display in Mathews Gallery
Louisville and Nashville RR Collection B-123 Archives
Bruce Heard Collection B-124 Archives
Conrail Predecessor Collection B-125 Archives
Blackwood Collection B-126 Archives
Harry Stegmaier Collection B-127 Archives
Railway Supply Institute Collection B-128 Archives
Clement Collection B-129 Archives
E. Hunter Harrison Collection B-130 Archives
Tom Streeter Collection of Maps B-131 Archives
Golden Spike 1869 Washington Medal B-132 Vault
Frank H. Dewey Collection B-133 Archives
Henry M. Posner III Collection B-134 Archives
Carlos Schwantes Collection B-135 Archives
City of Chicago Railroad Materials B-136 Archives
West Shore Line Railroad Photos B-137 Archives
Tom Schmidt Collection B-138 Archives
Carl Rose Collection B-139 Archives
Dale Corn Collection B-140 Archives
John H. Winner Collection B-141 Archives
GATX Collection B-142 Archives
Boston and Maine Timetables Collection B-143 Archives
Paul Banner Collection B-144 Archives
Daniel Kitchen Collection B-145 Archives
David H. Foster MK&T RR Collection B-146 Archives
Don G. McInnes Collection B-147 Archives
Ralph Barger Collection B-148 Archives
Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis Collection B-149 Archives
Charles Stats Collection B-150 Archives
Hannibal and St. Joseph RR Collection B-151 Archives
Rock Island Railroad Engineering Collection B-152 Archives
Montgomery and West Point Railroad Letter B-153 Barriger Archives
Shawn Canavan Collection B-154 Archives
Preston Cook Collection B-155 Archives
Harman Family Papers B-156 Archives
Rush Loving Collection B-157 Archives
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Collection B-158 Archives
Oldham Texas Plat Map and Related Documents B-159 Barriger Archives
Brian Buchanan Collection B-160 Archives
Plan of Alton & Terre Haute Railroad B-161 Barriger Archives
Wood, Arthur P. Diary B-162 Barriger Archives
Paramore Cotton Belt Scrapbook B-163 Barriger Archives
B&O Railroad 1839 Manuscript B-165 Barriger Archives
Bob's Photo Collection of Passenger Car Photographs and Data B-167 Barriger Archives
George, Ray Collection of Railroad Postcards B-168 Barriger Archives
Watson, Robert Photo Album B-169 Barriger Archives
Union Pacific Eastern Division Certificate B-170 Barriger Archives
Portsmouth and Roanoke Railroad Rates B-171 Barriger Archives
Friedmann, John Collection of IC-Southern Merger Study Material B-172 Barriger Archives
Lincoln Funeral Train Items B-277 Barriger Archives