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B-11: Pliny-Fisk Collection

History: This collection was initially donated to Princeton University in 1915 by the banking company, Harvey Fisk and Sons. Princeton continued to add to the collection until the depression era after which very few items were added to the collection. In 1990, Princeton decided that it no longer wished to maintain the collection and in 1995 it was passed to Thomas T. Taber III. Mr. Taber reorganized and significantly reduced the size of the collection before donating it to the John W. Barriger III National Railroad library.

Scope: This is a collection of books, reports, and pamphlets that focuses on railroad finance. The collection contains documents from over three thousand railroad companies and is strongest between 1900 and 1915, though it contains documents as far back as 1888. The collection is organized alphabetically by railroad company and has a relatively small section organized by subject at the end.

Holdings: Seven four-drawer file-cabinets of folders.

Access: Special Collection B-11 housed in the Barriger Library.

Pliny Fisk Collection of Railroad and Corporation Finance (MERC REF HE 2751 .P55 1995) lists the railroads covered by the collection, details the history of the collection, and offers some original correspondence pertaining to it.