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B-6: Milwaukee Road Archives

HISTORY: This extensive collection from the corporate archives of the Milwaukee Road (Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad) was largely compiled in the later 1970s during that railroads effort to evaluate, reorganize, and focus transportation business on its Core areas. Much of the material in the collection was brought together by Milwaukee Road executives and accountants to inventory and value railroad holdings in advance of offering sections of the railroad for sale. The collection was donated to the library in the early 1990s.

SCOPE: The collection comprises a wide variety of research material including: Board of Directors minutes from the companys inception; car and locomotive equipment records (in particular, AFE Authority for Expenditure records); records of subsidiaries, such as the Milwaukee Land Company; maps (notably, valuation maps of railroad-owned properties), plats and track charts; Law Department documents, and architectural and engineering plans for buildings, bridges and structures across the system from the Midwest to the Puget Sound. Also included, and forming a large part of the collection, are detailed consultant studies on the Milwaukee Road: its future profitability, traffic patterns, and financial worth. A selection of account and ledger books dating from the early 20th century also form an important part of the collection.

HOLDINGS: 923 record boxes; 2183 microfilms; and other materials.

ACCESS: This is Special Collection B-6. The railroad produced several indexes to parts of the microfilm collection: Real Estate and Industrial Development Dept. Index of Deed Records Filmed (nd); Real Estate and Industrial Development Dept. Index of Leased Records Microfilmed (nd); and Manager Property Accounting Dept. Index of AFE Books and AFE Numbers on Microfilm (nd). Portions of the collection may be photocopied, digitally scanned or photographed depending on condition.

Most of the collection is indexed and searchable through an Online Reference Guide.

For more information about this collection contact the curator of the Barriger Library at fryn@umsl.edu.


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*Important* this collection is housed in an off site location and is therefore not available on demand. Patrons are urged to contact the library before their arrival. Contact information is provided below, or by calling 314-516-7247.