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Career Exploration Assessments for Students

Career Exploration Assessments for Students

Career exploration assessments are designed to assist you with choosing a major and/or career.  We offer career assessments, on-line resources, and individual assistance to guide you in your career decision making.


Assessments Offered:

  • Strong Interest Inventory (SII): Measures your interests to help you identify a career focus and begin or continue your career planning and exploration process. This is available for UMSL students and alumni only.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): Analyzes your strengths and reveals information about how you think, communicate and interact. This is available for UMSL students and alumni only.
  • FOCUS 2: A computerized, self-guided career planning program. Use this research tool to evaluate your values, interests, and activities and explore occupations.  Assess your career readiness, map your career goals, and take action with FOCUS 2.  


Steps to Take:

•To complete the SII or MBTI:

 -Make an appointment by calling 314-516-5111 or emailing careerservices@umsl.edu to determine which assessment(s) fit your needs. You will complete the SII and/or MBTI online and schedule an appointment to review your results.

-Pricing: SII $20.00; MBTI $20.00

•To complete FOCUS:

- Access FOCUS 2 now and view your results. No appointment is necessary.

-Pricing: There is no cost for this service.


After your Assessment:

Assessments help you identify possibilities.  After completing a career assessment, your next task is to investigate career options of interest.  This is a process and takes time and effort.   Steps involved include research, speaking with individuals in careers of interest to you, and gaining related experience while you complete your education. 


Choices regarding your career are not static.  You—and the world of work—change.  Even if you have previously completed a career assessment, you may find your preferences are different.   We are here to help you find success!