If you have any questions or comments regarding information provided on this page, please contact the Faculty Senate Office at 314-516-6769.


To create/update/change a COURSE proposal, please use the Course Inventory Management software program at the following link: http://nextbulletin.umsl.edu/courseadmin/

NOTE:  After you have created and saved a course proposal, but BEFORE you submit your proposal, you must contact any other affected departments for "sign-offs". When you have saved the proposal, please direct the affected departments to examine and review your proposal in the Course Inventory Management program. The affected departments can sign-off by editing the proposal in the sign-off section of your proposal. (When they have signed off, they should "Save Changes" on your proposal.) After you have obtained all of the necessary sign-offs, you can "Save & Submit" your course proposal.

To create/update/change a PROGRAM proposal, please use the Program Management software at the following link:  https://nextbulletin.umsl.edu/programadmin/

Prior to making changes or creating a new form, and to avoid common pitfalls using this program,  please contact Betsy Sampson at sampson@umsl.edu or x6810 to ensure that the program proposal moves through the approval process in a timely manner.

A PROGRAM CHANGE FORM for CBHE, is available here. There is a new document (Program Change Request). The Program Change Form, which should be attached to the program proposal in the Program Management Software, is required for the following circumstances:

  • changing the title of a program
  • combining programs
  • deleting a program
  • archiving a program
  • adding an emphasis area to a program
  • changing the title of an emphasis area
  • deleting an emphasis area from a program
  • adding a certificate to a program
  • changing the title of a certificate

Information about NEW PROGRAM FORMS (only needed for new degree programs and new stand-alone graduate certificates) is available at this UM System link: https://www.umsystem.edu/ums/aa/degrees

The new program forms are not needed for new certificates, minors, or emphasis areas in existing programs.

For questions relating to the Program Change Form or New Program Forms, please contact Betsy Sampson at sampson@umsl.edu

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The 2021-2022 Curriculum & Instruction Committee will meet on the following dates:

  • Sept. 23
  • Oct. 28
  • Dec. 2
  • Jan. 20
  • Feb. 10
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  • Mar. 17
  • Mar. 24
  • Apr. 7
  • Apr. 14

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